Psychiatrist with Patient

Is Life Coaching like Therapy?

Some people are put off the idea of life coaching because they think it’s akin to sitting on a psychiatrists’ couch   It’s nothing like it. Therapy often involves exploring painful feelings or difficult decisions, including delving deep into your past to discover the root cause of your current mental or physical health concerns. Usually […]

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7 Steps to Launching your Own Business!

Did you read our last post, asking whether you love your job? In it, we revealed that around 80% of people don’t. Some are happy enough to continue on as normal, with the prospect of a pay packet at the end of the month enough of a motivation. Others have nursed a lifelong dream to […]

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Thinking about starting a Business?

Do you love your job? Do you want to wake up each day motivated and looking forward to the day? It’s a sad fact that around 80% of you reading this will answer a resounding “no”. As a result, some of you might even have toyed with the idea of starting your own business as […]

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