I could share a book on the wealth of life lessons, tips, thoughts, wisdom, and hacks that I have gained over the years, here are just 20 of them. They provoke thinking, and action and spark inspiration.


  1. The Law of Commitment is 5 x more powerful than the Law of Attraction
  2. If Nasa found in studies that 95% of depression is reactionary depression, then what could that mean for those who want to overcome depression?
  3. You can reinvent your future by rewriting the painful story you carried
  4. Wisdom is more precious than silver and gold, most people seek gold
  5. Sadness over something, tells you, you care about it
  6. Laughter is good medicine for the soul
  7. Self-development is nothing without self-awareness
  8. Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor-you can be all 3 to yourself!
  9. Start with “why?” it points you in the right direction
  10. Rehearse a new habit as an urgent response to the new version of yourself
    • Picture it. Do it immediately, and then repeat every day
  11. An accountability partner will help you accelerate results-get one today
  12. Writing dreams, visions, goals, plans down, gives it power, it makes it “legal” like a “covenant”
  13. Growth Mindset is like tapping into untouched paths of our intelligence and potential.
  14. Coaching is not information, but transformation. And transformation is always in fashion
  15. The comfort zone is needed, but it’s not where you grow
  16. Get the early sunlight on your face and eyes
  17. Knowing your values is like building your life (house) on a solid foundation
  18. Intermittent fasting can eliminate the “afternoon slump”
  19. Dress up and show up…it’s 80% of success
  20. Give yourself permission to say “no” but know when to say “yes”



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