I Help You Design Your Extraordinary

My unique Redesign Method is a robust and radical personal development process that helps you design your life

The Redesign Method by Neelam Challoner

My Private Clients are uncommon; They aspire for more: more joy, more peace, more freedom, more meaning, more success, more love, more authenticity, more happiness, more inspiration and impact.

Being a visionary, I am grateful to have the ability to see the end from the beginning and work with clients to crystallise their aspirational vision and then reverse engineer a plan to make it a reality. This is, what I call “visioneering”.

Whether you have goals or not, I will help you discover them and define what it is you really want.  Following the The Redesign Method™ process, together we will change the game and you will  see results.

We collaborate, coach and commit to bring what is hoped and imagined, into reality.

I am motivated to (re)design mindsets, habits, thoughts, knowledge, self-image and be the catalyst that ignites individual transformation.

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Re-designing your life will change YOU.

You will be happier, more confident, have clarity, feel less stressed

and much more in control of your own life.

Turn Your Vision into Reality

At Designer Life I pride myself on offering the finest intuitive inspiring and impacting Coaching. It is extremely important to me that my private clients achieve results, and refer other potential clients confidently. I only take on a limited number of clients at a time so that I can offer a generous and exclusive service. The decision of working together is initially the clients`, but also my decision too. I need to know that my client is willing, ready and ‘coachable’. This means someone who understands and works with the coaching concept and is flexible to have sessions personalized to reach meaningful and desired results using a blend of other developmental tools

I work with passionate individuals, Soloprenuers, Leaders and Small Business owners:

  • who are now determined to change their life working on several areas or objectives
  • who are ready and committed; in time, financially and will take action
  • not afraid to take a risk, will embrace change to bring their vision to life