Have you ever woke up one day and thought “I need to change my life?” That usually means one or two key areas of your life need attention and then, as you ponder this, you notice that other areas are suffering as a result of you not being completely satisfied in those main areas.

Our everyday lives are made up different roles, responsibilities, goals, challenges, yet all of them are linked, connected and so, these different facets count on each other to work out beautifully, so that each area is given the best opportunity to shine.

I work with women holistically on many areas of their life and through this approach I empower them to design  or redesign their life; from vocation, to vision, from confidence to communication, from stress to strategy, I help women uncover their potential so they can be the best version of themselves.


  • Honestly, you’re not that happy
  • You’re feeling uninspired by your life right now
  • Your fears, habits or thinking hold you back
  • You don’t know what to do, but you know you want change
  • You just know you’re not living your potential


This is beyond the career – I work with women:

  • who want to find their purpose,
  • who want to make a difference,
  • who want to contribute to a cause,
  • who want to start their own venture
  • who want to have a seat at the table

Small Business 

  • You’ve got ideas but need to know what’s right for you 
  • You’re ambitious and determined to make your business a success, but feel stuck
  • You’re fed up of feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Your lack of self-belief or business acumen is holding you back
  • You need clarity again, vision, growth, strategy and raise the bar on your business

Stress Management

The tell tale signs of stress are there; mind, body, soul and spirit

  • You need to reduce your stress
  • You want to cope with demands and pressures better
  • You want to feel freer and in control
  • Your state of thinking, feeling is hindering your joy, peace and success

Do you see yourself in any of these?

You might see yourself in more than one category, and that`s good! 

I do actually offer an integrated and complete service where I may work with a client on all 3 areas or less. In my experience working with people from all walks of life, I know that one challenge in life  impacts another area, which can have a knock on effect to actions and decisions and other areas of one’s life.

For example a client of mine who worked a full time job in finance wanted to make her first investment in a property and also wanted to work on herself; confidence, congruence and goal setting. She is now a Senior Manager in Finance, with a property portfolio and now looking to start a small business as well as perfect her leadership skills at work. This covers all 3 areas. 

This way of working empowers my private clients to achieve a transformative result.

How I work


This is a comprehensive, transformative 90 minutes consultation to know each other and understand if we are a good fit.

One to One

Personalised sessions in person or via Zoom, driven and designed by the overall objectives set and agreed. One to One sessions are approx 1.5 hours via zoom or in person 

( following government guidelines ) 

Tailored Talks/Group Coaching/Workshops

 I also offer Bespoke Talks and Group Coaching/Workshops

My Private Clients are uncommon; They aspire for more: more joy, more peace, more freedom, more meaning, more success, more love, more authenticity, more happiness, more inspiration and impact.

Being a visionary, I am grateful to have the ability to see the end from the beginning and work with clients to crystallise their aspirational vision and then reverse engineer a plan to make it a reality. This is, what I call “visioneering”

Whether you have goals or not, I will help you discover them and define what it is you really want.  Following the The Redesign Method process, together we will change the game and you will  see results.

We collaborate, coach and commit to bring what is hoped and imagined, into reality.

I am motivated to (re)design mindsets, habits, thoughts, knowledge, self-image and be the catalyst that ignites individual transformation.