Transformation Inside Out

I help you remember who you are…again

Transformational Coaching is any change, or changes, that causes you to change your form. You are not conformed to the status quo, to the past, to opinions, to your own (previous limiting) standard, but you are transformed by new vision, new thinking, dynamic habits and powerful actions.

Transformational coaching is not about changing who you are at the core, but about making specific and strategic changes, learning about yourself and realising your deeper truths, goals and dreams

You are more capable and more powerful than you know. And I can’t wait to get to know you.


Do you see yourself in any of these?

“I want a coach to help me bring out my potential and put it into action. I have loads of ideas, thoughts, career I can step into, or careers I should have pursued years ago. I also need help in getting more control over my own self and my actions. I have tried doing that but a sense of urgency has kicked in to make a change in life now. A kind of change that impacts my every day, for the rest of my life.”

“Finding out my next direction in life, set some goals and work on my mindset to work towards them. I also need help with relationships, networking, working with others and making friends. As an introvert I find all that stressful and have become a hermit.”

To help me plan the next 5 years of my life, help with financial/business decisions, make specific financial goals and with my confidence.

I don’t want my life to go by…

“to be all that I can be, in marriage, career, life, in myself”

“Transition to Consulting, get healthier and Author a book, become a Board Member”

“After a difficult year at work, I want to become a better leader, save £100k, meet someone and start a side business”er”

“Find my purpose, know my values and better manage my finances”

“I am newly single and want to discover myself and set new goals and consider my career and need to bounce ideas and thoughts”

“I want a life coach to help with guidance, direction and accountability. I feel confident and secure in most areas of life but I’m feeling like I’m not sure of my next best move and how to optimise each area of my life. I struggle with decision making and need that extra push. I feel like I often stay in my comfort zone and notice that by doing the same things day in day out, I will remain in the same place.”

“Help me figure out my patn life. My life has always been very planned but I recently recovered from a major accident and want to make choices for myself that align with who I am. I need to figure out who I am, my values, and what I want out of life. What I should pursue…”

“Stop procrastinating, daydreaming and ruminating. Find a passion and sense of drive to actually get me out of bed in the mornings, so I don’t feel like even the things I enjoy are a chore. Find satisfaction in my career and stop depleting my energy by worrying so much.”

“Help me set up my you tube channel, deal with blockages and live more independently”

“I want help with reducing work stress and pressure and have a clear vision and direction of my next move with my daughter”

“Use my expertise to become a coach/consultant and increase my income and to be confident around authority”

“I want to start a business and I need guidance and help with ideas, how to plan and how does it fit in with my life/family”

“I need a coach to help me in my life, career, time and money management and to help me know my worth”

I offer an integrated and complete service using The Redesign Method© where I may work with you on multiple areas of your life. I know that one challenge or missed goal in life often impacts another area of your life, which can have a knock-on effect.

The Redesign Method© empowers my private clients to achieve a transformative result and live an extraordinary life -this can be you too!

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This is a comprehensive, transformative 90 minutes consultation to talk about you and your dreams and to establish a connection. I am not going to give you a sales pitch, my goal is to give you a valuable experience and to serve you.

After our time, I may invite you to have more of these conversations and will always give you a clear roadmap of what could come from our work together.

Sometimes you don’t know what the future holds, until you take a different path

Sometimes you don’t know what the future holds, until you take a different path