Below are testimonials and written notes from people I have coached and also clients I have worked with in either a coaching or a consulting capacity. This will give you an idea of not only my experience in coaching but as a person who aims to serve others in making positive changes.

I hope you are inspired as I am from time to time when I read and remind my self why I am doing what I am doing. Some names have been withheld by the request of clients to protect their identity.

I invested in 12 month business program for Carmel Life Coaching with Neelam Challoner @DesignerLifeCoaching and It was worth it. Neelam is passionate, solution focused, reliable, wise and a great listener with a BIG HEART and a wealth of experience and knowledge. Neelam helped me gain clarity on my business vision and helped me make clear decisions and take action on driving the business forward. I am now coaching my ideal 5 star clients with my new signature programs. She was there for me 150% if I ever wanted to discuss an idea or solve a problem. She took time to really listen and understand me and I felt heard, seen and valued for my own strengths and abilities and felt empowered after working with Neelam. She takes into account everything that is important to you including relationships, family, friends, finances, health and fitness, work and helps you create your life and career in alignment with your authentic self. Neelam also helped with practical business and personal matters. As an Executive coach, I can tell you that Neelam is truly coaching at a very high standard and really is an award winning coach. She will get you the results you need. Thank you Neelam for everything.

— Carmel Life Coaching

Highly recommend Designer Life Coaching, to anyone looking for improvements in your work, personal, professional, financial lives.

Neelam was amazing in help me focus in completely different areas of my life and I have had huge changes because of our sessions.

Well worth the time and self investment, nothing more valuable than working on yourself and aligning what you want out of life!

— Harish Kalyan

I workshop with Neelam over 4 years and she provided measurable value, accountability and an acceleration of all the personal goals we worked towards. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering coaching or anyone who is feeling stuck.

— Jutta Kamp

Neelam is very good at making sure she completely understands your needs and then works with you to make sure we have a clear process of how we will achieve your desired results. Sometimes you may go to her thinking you want something but when she actually helps you to delve further your WHY may make you make different choices which is such an enlightening experience! Highly recommend.

— Veena Nayyar

Since the beginning of coaching I have felt my attitude towards life and its obstacles change. My mind-set no longer sees the restrictions of life, nor does it pose things as dead-ends. Coaching has in fact, allowed for me to change my mental state and become more of an optimist. I generally feel freer.

I feel like the vibrations of all this self-discovering and how I was learning to face and channel this into positivity helped me to achieve all the goals I set when I first started coaching. I have managed to leave the job I dragged my feet to go to and now my end date is in sight. I have moved away from my family house to my own home and it is bliss. Financial situations are looking the most promising I have seen them in a long while due to the new job. All in all I feel at peace with myself, my family, my job and my money. I feel at one with life. I honestly think this is the happiest I have ever been and I don’t think I could have done that without coaching.

Coaching has made me feel like I can conquer anything. It was one of the most positive life changing experiences I have had.

— Professional Trainer

Amazing Sales Coaching. Would not have been able to transition my career change as smoothly as I did if it wasn’t for Neelam and her coaching. Thank you!

— Shavina Lal

Neelam has been an outstanding coach in all areas. I have been incredibly impressed with her and her intuition and positivity. I have benefitted immensely from her work, her ability to understand a situation and analyse it in a short period of time, and that’s why I have happily given a 5 star rating on this review.

— Monica Nayyar

Neelam is enthusiastic and engaging.  For every idea I’ve had she has developed a workshop of the right balance of information and practical resources to present to our Women’s Network development sessions.  I enjoy all my conversations with Neelam and am really glad she was recommended to us.  I value the quality workshops and the fresh perspective she delivers; her involvement with our Network, and for me personally, has been a boost.  Neelam is real and relevant – a heart which inspires.

— Sarah Hozier

Women’s Network- London borough of Richmond

An authentic and personalised experience at every meeting. I am taking time out of my life as working Mom ,Wife and aspiring entrepreneur to share my thoughts on this opportunity. I say opportunity because that is what it will be for you, if you are fortunate to become a client of Ms. Neelam Challoner at Designer Life Coaching. Honestly you will be challenged and yes you will have to commit to task but even if commitment is an area you need support with there she will be, with you every step of the way until Victory is yours.

No matter the need in your life that seems too big to handle solo or the mountains or obstacles that seem to hold us back. Based on my ongoing experience with Designer Life Coaching I can Truthfully say without a doubt and in the Transparency of my Faith That she is the Real Deal that walks what she talks.

Thanks to Designer life Coaching I can boldly call myself a working Mom, wife and Aspiring Entrepreneur as mentioned above… Because
I have now built a Trust with someone that holds me accountable for the deliverance and achievements of my dreams, through perseverance, Faith,new found drive and it’s an investment well spent on me.

— Maria De Souza

My objective was to explore my personal life. I needed to make key decisions regarding my future and DLC gave me the tools to do so. I found Neelam to be an incredibly objective person and didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear. She made me realise that my spending was not in line with my earnings. This is something I 1. Failed to recognise 2. Didn’t want to recognise.

Due to Neelam’s guidance, I actually think about what I am doing financially. I check my bank accounts everyday and although my spending still isn’t fully under control, it is a work in progress and think about it a lot.

I now have an excel spread sheet detailing my expenditure which is something never did before.

My unhappiness caused me to drink alcohol, which I most certainly do less of! Again, my coaching with Neelam made me realise many things including personal grooming and my aggression which both have significantly improved.

Overall, I would say it is the best money I have spent in a very long time! I hope to organise catch up sessions in the future.

The experience has been an eye opener. I didn’t think that I needed to explore my faith in god and spirituality. This experience taught me how essential it was to remember god in my actions. I think that your prayer and coaching guidance helped me in a spiritually challenging time.

I also recognised that money, clothes and material possessions in general couldn’t make me happy or fill the void that I had been feeling for a very long time. I feel that over the last five months I have grown as a person. I have also learnt to think about what/where I am going financially and personally.

The whole experience was good for me and my soul.

— Solopeneur

Hey Neelam, after recently attending the ‘Discovering the Hidden Me’ workshop you held, I found it was an eye opening experience where I really learnt a lot about myself and my purpose. With your experienced guidance and encouragement we all embarked on our individual journeys, reflecting on our past and present and then looking to the future with a fresh perspective and clarity. You challenged us to define our values and beliefs (finally get the difference!). By the end of the workshop I had my purpose- ‘Peace’, which before the start of the day I didn’t think I could achieve, but now believe it’s possible. I was privileged to share that journey with the support of like-minded ladies who made it all the more enjoyable. The workshop was organised well and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone in need of some time out to focus on themselves, get some much needed direction in their life and most importantly discover their life purpose. Thank you xx

— Arti

Dear Neelam

I asked the Lord for direction in my life, I then read your book “Successful
but incomplete”, I love my job that I am currently in but I always felt there is
something more God is calling me to do.
I have had prophesies over my life and knew was not walking in the full purpose
and plan God has for my life.

After I read your book twice, I discovered things about myself that to this day amazes me.
I realised I have abilities and talents that I never ever dreamt I had, I have stepped out
in faith, and the rest is history.
I have been successful in my application to study this year (I discussed this with you
at a ladies meeting earlier this year).

I am doing a Bsc Honours Degree in Public Health
I have just started my business in England and South Africa

If anyone told me 6months ago that this was going to happen in my life, I would
not have believed them. Thanks for all your input in my life, you have been
very inspirational, I thank God for women like you who always take time out to invest in
the lives of others.

May God richly bless you and grant you the desires of you heart.


— Miriam

I have been working within the Support Worker role for over 15 yrs. and came to a point where I needed to change direction in my career as it wasn’t fulfilling any longer. I always knew I enjoy helping others but just wasn’t content with the job I was in.

I remembered the Business card Neelam gave me and decided to contact her for advice on seeking alternative employment as I required help in devising a tailored CV.

After two meetings with Neelam something amazing happened as she not only addressed my career she took a holistic approach to my entire life and made me realise every area of my life affects each another.

I couldn’t believe that during the second session Neelam identified my purpose! This was ground breaking as I’ve been in a job for the past 15 years which no longer served its fulfilling purpose and all of a sudden Eureka! I know what I’m destined to do!….I’m meant to open up my own Business which I have been longing to do for the past 4 years but was just kept in the background as I didn’t realise my worth as a Woman as well as believing its possible.

Everything changed from that day forward as I finally knew what I had to do and the remaining sessions with Neelam just flowed as it sat so comfortably within me as we both knew this is the direction I was meant to be following.

My future is what my present is….each day is filled with excitement, enthusiasm and living on the edge of what is to become. Neelam helped me to realise the potential I had to be the best of who I am as a woman, she made me realise my dreams can become reality as long as I pursue them with great confidence and perseverance….if you are passionate about what you want to do you can make money and have fulfilment.

I want to shout on top of a hill top to everyone that I am so grateful to Neelam for seeing my true purpose and for others to realise their own…I recommend any one out there who wishes to seek clarity amongst all of the confusion it will be the best phone call/email you ever made—its life transforming!

— A Shaun-Support Worker

“Very good workshop-the weekly planner has allowed me to clarify my goals in action form. An inspiring and interactive day, I have learnt what to action immediately, I have clarity”

“Excellent ! I will take positive action in achieving my goals within a set time line. Laying it out helped me see what needs to be done.  The Coach helped me understand what I want, even when I didn’t fully understand it. Positive day”

“Good time to set goals and think about them. I will start planning them into my daily tasks.”

“A real inspiration and good interaction, I am now able to break down big goals into manageable size, very practical”

“Fabulous! I will make my plan a reality and put my dreams and aspirations first”

— 90 day designer life workshop comments

When i enlisted the assistance of Designer life for business coaching, I already knew quite a bit about business. However no matter how much one knows, one can never know it all, and certainly owning a business which I intend to see grow over time, I knew that Neelam could assist me with my objectives. Thus, my objective of enlisting with Designer life was to learn in detail tips and tools that will aid me in making my business a success. After 5 months, I must say its been an interesting experience. I can’t say that I was able to digest all the new knowledge within the coaching sessions, but I now have a reservoir of knowledge from which to draw from, even as I look to grow my business in the future.

The experience with Designer Life, was quite impactful and will certainly be useful going forward. It enabled a sharper focus in terms of what I wanted to achieve with the business and enabled me to chart a clearer direction for the business for future growth. The potential is evidently there for my business, and working with Neelam provides that ‘push’ to keep going on even though inevitably there are challenges on the way to achievement.

As for Neelam, my coach. Its apparent that that saying “behind every successful individual, there is a successful coach” is valid here.  Aspire’s foundations have certainly been solidified as a result of my experience with Neelam’s coaching, and I’ll be drawing on the various lessons to take Aspire Consultancy Higher. We value Neelam’s support and expertise, even as we know that many more businesses will yet benefit from such a valuable service as that provided by Neelam at Designer Life.

My experience with Designer life was great and it is evident that Designer life will be of extreme benefit to anyone seeking a business coach that is affordable, effective and will add to the value of their organization.

— Solo Prenuer-Timi Aspire Consultancy

Neelam is enthusiastic and engaging.  For every idea I’ve had she has developed a workshop of the right balance of information and practical resources to present to our Women’s Network development sessions.  I enjoy all my conversations with Neelam and am really glad she was recommended to us.  I value the quality workshops and the fresh perspective she delivers; her involvement with our Network, and for me personally, has been a boost.  Neelam is real and relevant – a heart which inspires.

— Sarah Hozier, Women’s Network- London borough of Richmond

As soon as I meet Neelam I felt I could open up to her.  She always made me feel at ease.  I also found Neelam was a great listener but also knew the right time to intervene.  Its an experience I was unsure about but on reflection one I am glad I chose, and would do again!

I was struggling to let go of the past especially issues around my wedding, which was having a big impact on my life.  In addition to this I had confidence and negativity issues.  I feel that coaching has helped me greatly in dealing with this.  Although I still have days whereby I do find myself thinking of the negative or my wedding I feel that I am in more control and am able to let it go as soon as it starts.

— Professional  C Donnelley

Coaching helped me to get to the stage where I am getting my work printed and also helped me manage when things didn’t turn out as expected. Neelam was positive and encouraging and was always able to steer the session in a positive direction. Thanks Neelam you have been a fantastic support

— Liz Reid – Author; Liz’s first book was published in December 2010

My main objective was to reset my vision for the long term and then to track a road map to achieve this whilst enabling me to cope with short term issues at work in the mean time. Coaching has helped me towards this by unlocking my thoughts and ideas and priorities by talking them through.

The experience was beneficial in terms of setting me on a path and making me feel better about myself and where I am heading.

— J Reeve

I needed structure to my thoughts and everyday routine. Neelam helped me step back and look at problems or ideas from outside the day to day running of my business. This resulted in more business through some simple marketing strategies and having better balance between personal and business life. Very positive, enjoyable and friendly.

— Sadie Shepherd – Feathers and Fur

Dear Neelam, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my Life Coach. You are an inspiration to women who need a makeover everywhere!

— Anupma Shaun – Professional Support Worker

My main objective was to reset my vision for the long term and then to track a road map to achieve this whilst enabling me to cope with short term issues at work in the mean time. Coaching has helped me towards this by unlocking my thoughts and ideas and priorities by talking them through.

The experience was beneficial in terms of setting me on a path and making me feel better about myself and where I am heading.

— James Reeve-Chartered Accountant

Life Coaching – what is it?
Why do we need it?
Why do we do it?
What is a life coach?

“All these above were my questions; I had heard the name/word but never thought I needed it. After a major light bulb moment in my life, I realised I could not fix it, without fixing myself.
After a family friend referred me to Neelam, I willing made the call, Priceless – from an initial consultation I realised I was on a journey of lacks in my life, especially the major one – A PURPOSE!

So having given the entire sessions to trying to find the meaning, solution and eventually a complete list of boxes to tick – I have now completed them ALL!

From selling a property/ completing a dysfunctional relationship to cutting ties with unworthy people, selling material items no longer required, to even moving to another land, but most of all to have a PURPOSE again, my family, to be a mother, to train in a new career. ALL less than one year.

So does Life Coaching work? It has to, if you take the sessions one by one, absorb, act on them and await results it has to happen – and it has.

P.S. The bonus is you make a lifelong friend with the Life Coach”

— Suzy Novis

I was always side tracked and had little self discipline in keeping to my timed targets. I am about to embark on starting my own business and booked the 3 hours Head Start session as I wanted to get the bigger picture straight away. This helped me to look outside the box and have faith in myself and my ideas, I found it encouraging and inspiring. By the end of the session I had a drafted business plan, new ideas for the business, clear action points and objectives for the next 5 years! Oh and I am more motivated…I would definitely consider more sessions to help stay on track.

— Daniela Lora Designs

Coaching has helped to provide me with a sense of clarity at a transition point in my life; I have learned a lot about myself and it has significantly changed/improved this area. The coaching experience has been excellent and I am delighted with the service and result.

— Anonymous

I can only say that I was at a low point in life and I needed someone to give me the help and motivation that I craved. I wanted more clients which equals more hours and more money. My business needed plans to increase awareness in my community and I also needed help with my confidence about my own health and body. Coaching allowed me to explore all the possibilities and helped open doors which otherwise might’ve have been shut.

Neelam is a true professional and Life Coach; she is approachable and instantly breaks any apprehension with a smile. Neelam got to know me first then explored the possible business problems and then we set targets/goals for me to achieve success.

I was and still am happy with the results and I found the follow up texts and calls kept a good relationship and bond between us. Overall, a brilliant service.

— Fitness Solutions Ltd – Colin O’Connor