The Redesign Coach

Design Your Purpose-Driven Life

Are you a woman with untapped potential

carrying an extraordinary dream?

Are you on autopilot and need to change gear?

Are you feeling stuck, stressed or stagnant and need to level up?

Neelam Challoner Transformational Coach

I coach ambitious women (Founders, Leaders, Solopreneurs, Millennials) who want to do great things in this world, and are ready for a change.

My clients have achieved a level of success and are ready for a new mission and ready to accomplish unreached goals or set new ones.

They want powerful and positive accountability to get things done, remove (self-sabotaging) obstacles, let go of past patterns and become the best version of themselves and live with a higher purpose.

My name is Neelam, an award-winning, qualified Coach, delivering world-class coaching with 20 years’ experience coaching in organisations, business owners and private clients. 

In the last few years I shifted to work with women, empowering them to create a vision, live with a mission and be congruent. I offer a practical, goal-oriented meaningful and measurable process to help Redesign your life, tap into your inner power and unleash your potential. Read more about you

My unique The Redesign Method© – is a bespoke powerful development process that helps you transform your life through small incremental changes as well as bigger strategic ones. Not only will you reach your goals, you will be happier, more confident, have direction, feel less stressed and more control of your own life.

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What are your challenges?


  • You just know you’re not living your potential
  • You’re feeling uninspired by your life right now
  • Your fears, habits or thinking hold you back
  • You have a big dream, and want to make it happen
  • Honestly, you’re not that satisfied


This is beyond the career – I work with women like you:

  • who want to find their purpose,
  • who want to make a difference,
  • who want to contribute to a cause,
  • who want to start their own venture
  • who want to have a seat at the table

Small Business 

  • You’ve got ideas but need to know what’s right for you 
  • You’re ambitious and determined to make your business a success, but feel stuck
  • You’re fed up of feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Your lack of self-belief or business acumen is holding you back
  • You need clarity again, vision, growth and strategy.

Stress Management

The tell tale signs of stress are there; mind, body, soul and spirit

  • You need to reduce your stress
  • You want to cope with demands and pressures better
  • You want to feel freer and in control
  • Your state of thinking, feeling is hindering your joy, peace and success

My Promise to You

I am committed and motivated to (re) designing mindsets, habits, thoughts, knowledge, self-image and be the catalyst that ignites individual transformation.


Without a clear picture of where you are, what is good, what is not quite right and what you want, how do you know where to start and move forward? One thing we will do is ensure you have clarity. Clarity removes grey areas and fogginess and gives you the ‘where, what and how’


Whether it’s demands coming externally or a self-sabotaging habit, we need to get you back in the driving seat, doing a course control on your mind and life, by removing obstacles, reducing stress, taking control of setbacks, leading you in the direction of your vision with a sense of calm and control.

neelam challoner designer life coach


Coaching will take you through a proven and sequential methodology, that is inspiring and empowering helping you to become congruent, embrace all your strengths and use them to catapult you forwards and upwards, growing your inner and outer confidence as a leader and entrepreneur.


You will have the boldness to become who you are, reach new heights and the nerve to raise the bar, move into new territories, taking yourself and your business/team to another level. You will have the courage to operate from outside your comfort zone and discover the unknown potential buried within.

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Based on 9 reviews
Alessia Civettini
I met Neelam more than a year ago and to tell you the truth I was very reluctant in having a life and career coach. I thought I didn`t need one. Then lockdown and Covid came and my "world" turned upside down. I feel I am still vulnerable in my personal and business life, but Neelam is helping me see my true potential and turn my weaknesses into strength. Together we are working step by step to move on and re-design my new life.
Peace Lilly
If you are reading this and you have been searching for a Life Coach, your search ends here! Contact Neelam for a discovery call and you won't be disappointed. Neelam is an excellent coach. She has a 360 degree approach to helping her clients, looks at the whole YOU. Neelam is amazing and I highly recommend her. Thank you Neelam, you have changed my life.
Jutta Kamp
I workshop with Neelam over 4 years and she provided measurable value, accountability and an acceleration of all the personal goals we worked towards. I would definitely recommend her to anyone considering coaching or anyone who is feeling stuck.
Harish Kalyan
Highly recommend Designer Life Coaching, to anyone looking for improvements in your work, personal, professional, financial lives. Neelam was amazing in help me focus in completely different areas of my life and I have had huge changes because of our sessions. Well worth the time and self investment, nothing more valuable than working on yourself and aligning what you want out of life!
Carmel Life Coaching
I invested in 12 month business program for Carmel Life Coaching with Neelam Challoner @DesignerLifeCoaching and It was worth it. Neelam is passionate, solution focused, reliable, wise and a great listener with a BIG HEART and a wealth of experience and knowledge. Neelam helped me gain clarity on my business vision and helped me make clear decisions and take action on driving the business forward. I am now coaching my ideal 5 star clients with my new signature programs. She was there for me 150% if I ever wanted to discuss an idea or solve a problem. She took time to really listen and understand me and I felt heard, seen and valued for my own strengths and abilities and felt empowered after working with Neelam. She takes into account everything that is important to you including relationships, family, friends, finances, health and fitness, work and helps you create your life and career in alignment with your authentic self. Neelam also helped with practical business and personal matters. As an Executive coach, I can tell you that Neelam is truly coaching at a very high standard and really is an award winning coach. She will get you the results you need. Thank you Neelam for everything.
Veena Nayyar
Neelam is very good at making sure she completely understands your needs and then works with you to make sure we have a clear process of how we will achieve your desired results. Sometimes you may go to her thinking you want something but when she actually helps you to delve further your WHY may make you make different choices which is such an enlightening experience! Highly recommend.
Shavina Lal
Amazing Sales Coaching. Would not have been able to transition my career change as smoothly as I did if it wasn’t for Neelam and her coaching. Thank you!
Maria De Souza
An authentic and personalised experience at every meeting. I am taking time out of my life as working Mom ,Wife and aspiring entrepreneur to share my thoughts on this opportunity. I say opportunity because that is what it will be for you, if you are fortunate to become a client of Ms. Neelam Challoner at Designer Life Coaching. Honestly you will be challenged and yes you will have to commit to task but even if commitment is an area you need support with there she will be, with you every step of the way until Victory is yours. No matter the need in your life that seems too big to handle solo or the mountains or obstacles that seem to hold us back. Based on my ongoing experience with Designer Life Coaching I can Truthfully say without a doubt and in the Transparency of my Faith That she is the Real Deal that walks what she talks. Thanks to Designer life Coaching I can boldly call myself a working Mom, wife and Aspiring Entrepreneur as mentioned above... Because I have now built a Trust with someone that holds me accountable for the deliverance and achievements of my dreams, through perseverance, Faith,new found drive and it's an investment well spent on me.
Monica Nayyar
Neelam has been an outstanding coach in all areas. I have been incredibly impressed with her and her intuition and positivity. I have benefitted immensely from her work, her ability to understand a situation and analyse it in a short period of time, and that's why I have happily given a 5 star rating on this review.

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LUXLife 2019 Global Excellence Awards

Designer Life Coaching has been awarded:
Most Client-Focused Business & Lifestyle Coach 2019

Winner for the 2020 She Awards. 

The hardest category the judges had to vote on, I feel humbled and grateful to have won. May we all leave our mark in the world.

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