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We are all living in a very challenging time-a global crisis. With most of us in lockdown during this pandemic, many people are sharing ideas on how to stay positive and do things with our families that are productive, fun and meaningful. It’s a time of perspective and no doubt worry, as we can see how this pandemic is impacting our economy and livelihoods. However amongst this is hope. Hope that we will come through this soon and that life, although may be quite different, will get better. If you are wanting to do some self-reflecting, this e-book will take you through 12 steps to finding your purpose and passion. It will trigger ideas and thoughts that perhaps during a busy life you may not take time to think about. Now with a little more time you may be grateful to think about what you want to do. Originally for women over 30, as that was the focus at the time I wrote this, but actually it’s for those wondering what you really want to do on this planet, what your purpose and passion is.

If you decide to do it, please drop me a personal email with some feedback. All you need is pen, paper, and your favourite beverage. (click here to download)

May you all stay well and stay home.


I will Coach you to bring Your Vision to Life.

My Private Clients are uncommon; a rare breed of amazing, ambitious, talented people with a level of success, yet aspire for more.  More joy, more peace, more freedom, more meaning, more success, more love, more authenticity, more happiness, more inspiration and impact.

I work with Solo-Preneurs, Small Business Owners and Department Heads

Do you have a vision, vague or clear, that is not yet a reality?

Does your business or work consume your life and thoughts?

I Redesign Lives and I bring Visions to Life

Being a visionary, I am grateful to have the ability to see the end from the beginning and work with clients to crystallise their aspirational vision and then reverse engineer a plan to make it a reality. This is, what I call “visioneering” 

Whether you have a clear image or not, I will help you discover that and define what it is you are really aspiring.  Not just something that you ‘should’ do, but a captivating vision with a compelling mission, giving you a clear ‘why’ to get up each day. Together we will raise the bar and change the game in your life, business or team.

We collaborate, coach and commit to bring what is hoped and imagined, into reality.

I am motivated to (re) designing mindsets, habits, thoughts, knowledge, self-image and be the catalyst that ignites individual and team transformation.

I work with clients across London, Home Counties and internationally, so if you are looking to design your life, business or department, you have come to the right place.  

A fulfilled life, is a life that is designed, a vision that is realised

What you will gain


Without a clear picture of where you are, what is good, what is not quite right and what you want, how do you know where to start and move forward? One thing we will do is ensure you have clarity. Clarity removes grey areas and fogginess and gives you the ‘where, what and how’


Whether it’s demands coming externally or a self-sabotaging habit, we need to get you back in the driving seat, doing a course control on your mind and life, by removing obstacles, reducing stress, taking control of setbacks, leading you in the direction of your vision with a sense of calm and control.


Coaching will take you through a proven and sequential methodology, that is inspiring and empowering helping you to become congruent, embrace all your strengths and use them to catapult you forwards and upwards, growing your inner and outer confidence as a leader and entrepreneur.


You will have the boldness to become who you are, reach new heights and the nerve to raise the bar, move into new territories, taking yourself and your business/team to another level. You will have the courage to operate from outside your comfort zone and discover the unknown potential buried within.

LUXLife 2019 Global Excellence Awards

Designer Life Coaching has been awarded:
Most Client-Focused Business & Lifestyle Coach 2019

What an honor to be a finalist and now a Winner for the 2020 She Awards. To read more about the categories and finalists read on the links: Finalists for 2020 ‘She’ Awards are announced.

The hardest category the judges had to vote on, I feel humbled and grateful to have won
May we all leave our mark in the world.

Coaching helped me to get to the stage where I am getting my work printed and also helped me manage when things didn’t turn out as expected. Neelam was positive and encouraging and was always able to steer the session in a positive direction. Thanks Neelam you have been a fantastic support
— Liz Reid – Author

I needed structure to my thoughts and everyday routine. Neelam helped me step back and look at problems or ideas from outside the day to day running of my business. This resulted in more business through some simple marketing strategies and having better balance between personal and business life. Very positive, enjoyable and friendly.
— Sadie Shepherd – Feathers and Fur