I Help You Fulfill Your Potential

Welcome to the Whole Story

I did not grow up with a silver spoon or come from a wealthy family. However, I did grow up with strong values, a generous and non-conformist Father and a rather tenacious and bold Mother.
I loved certain things about growing up, but there were deep down frustrations too. I did want to make a success of my life-that meant satisfaction in my work, prosperity, relationships and my spiritual growth and in my quest to discover who I am, and my purpose on this planet.

My journey into personal development began when I was 15 years old. I was given some books by an uncle to read, two of which were “Think and grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “The Winners Edge” by Dr Denis Waitley. Although at the time I did not realise, but they were moulding my thinking and consequently my calling.
It started as a chance discovery but then my pursuit of it was on purpose. I say on purpose because many people will not invest time into increasing knowledge or embarking on a journey of growth and personal development, this is something that you would have to pursue ‘on purpose’ My mind was frequently wondering how life could be better, about creating my own destiny or future. How could I be successful? How could I help others change their life too?
I became increasingly interested in human potential, life success and so in my career path I always aimed as high as I could, gaining promotions to Leadership/Management level, inspiring, motivating and coaching my team(s) and positively making a difference in the organisation(s) Looking back, my strength was in turning teams and departments around and bringing visions to life.

I did not know about Coaching at the time but I was doing it! Naturally! In 2003, I was introduced to coaching and the opportunity to become a qualified Life Coach presented itself. I took it and since, I have been committed to my learning and growth and have read 100’s of books, been on excellent courses to develop my skills. By Coaching I am living my dream of helping others become the best version of themselves, turn goals into reality and bring visions to life. I have had my successes and experienced failures, but I have learned from them and have used that to catapult me to design and live a life that I am born to live.

My client portfolio Senior Managers, Professionals, HNWI’s Small Business owners and the unemployed, around London to as far as US, Australia, Egypt and Spain.
I am so passionate about coaching and firmly believe this is a proven solution to release untapped potential and overcome many of the stresses that people experience in today’s culture and society. My commitment is to work with Solo-preneurs, Small Businesses and Leaders.

“We tend to go into a business venture or role determined to make ‘x,y,z’ happen.”

Perhaps you do not know if you need a coach. If you are that person, ask yourself; “am I truly where I want to be in my life and work/business?” “What needs changing or could be better?” Coaching is a catalyst, it will get you from where you are currently, to your desired destination and I can assure you, along this journey, you will become the best version of yourself.

I wish you all the very best in your search and hope that I will be the Coach that helps you live your “designer life.”


About Me

  • Married to Gary, a tall handsome, analytical, detailed man, who gets his groove on
  • The eldest of 6 children
  • Big vision; to inspire One Billion people
  • Author of God and I, our conversations, published by Apostolos publishing
  • Would like to open up safe houses and restore people who have been sex trafficked
  • Spiritual person, believer in  Yeshua (Jesus Christ)
  • Enjoys walking, HIIT and movies
  • Loves beautiful things and spaces, spas and seeing transformation
  • Worked in Ibiza, Turkey and New York. Well-Travelled
  • Known for being positive and an inspiration by friends family and clients
  • Co-Founder of One New Man a charitable organisation that supports the advancement of the Christian faith, and donates to local, national and international humanitarian needs
  • Buy me (Jasmine/ Matcha) Green Tea, Gin & Tonic, Cognac
  • Cuisine: Thai, Indian, British, Japanese-fresh quality ingredients