House of Leaders

Dynamic Leadership Designed

Leadership is earned
But Leadership can be learned

Through attitude, action, and effect a Leader can become a true change maker-even a world changer.

I turn Managers into Dynamic Leaders who lead sales or service teams in Retail, Hospitality, Media, Housing Welfare to work, Education and Public Sector and others
By working closely with you and really understanding your need and challenges, and your organisations culture and objective, the department remit and your team make up, I work with you to Design your Leadership skill and style. I take you through a proven process that will help you as a Middle Manager/HoD build a high performing team, be a change maker and bring a vision to life.
The problem

  • Inconsistency in individual performances impact the team as a whole
  • Work load and pressure from above
  • Not everyone in the team is on the same page
  • Morale is up and down, maybe due to organisational change
  • Targets are a burden rather than a motivation
  • Manager is committed but don’t possess the skills
  • Finding it hard to delegate

A great Leader has a clear Vision; people are energised by a picture of a better tomorrow or a sense of something greater than they are. Leaders paint the big picture for others
Leaders must encourage others-encouragement is oxygen to the soul
Leaders gain credibility by charting the course and navigating the team to the future
Leaders also recognise that progress is not visible, but need to be able to convey and prove that change or progress to superiors.
Leaders are always looking to release potential in others and help them to become even better leaders than themselves.

My 5-step process will make you the credible Leader you want to be. Get in touch today to discuss what you, your team and your organisation needs.

I have over 25 years experience in Leadership and have used my skills personally, in companies building high performing teams and as Business Owner and Coach. I was in my early twenties when I learned this process and then perfected it and have seen it flourish departments, people and myself.

If we are a good match, I am confident in your outcome