One Game Changing Move

If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple. – Richard Branson

Become a High Performing Team Leader

Master your ability to get the best out of  yourself and your team

The problem

  • You’re a Manager but don’t have the tools to be an effective Leader
  • You’re not raising the performance of people in your team
  • Workload and pressure from above is overwhelming
  • Not everyone in the team is on the same page
  • Morale is up and down
  • You are finding it hard to communicate or delegate
  • You know what you need to do, but do not know how

Thought Leadership…

A great Leader has a clear Vision; people are energised by a picture of a better tomorrow or a sense of something greater than they are.

Leaders paint the big picture for others. And others want to play a role in making that big picture materialise, they want to contribute.

Leaders encourage, enable and empower – encouragement is oxygen to the soul

Leaders gain credibility by charting the course and navigating the team to the future

Leaders look to release potential in others and help them become even better Leaders than themselves.

Through attitude, action, and effect, a Leader can become a true change maker – even a world changer.

I turn Team Managers into Credible Leaders and coach them to build a High Performing team, but also a team that has ‘Leadership’ running through its DNA.

The 21st Century Leader is more of a collective Leadership. This is about collaboration, capacity and competency as a collective, working towards a common purpose

I have over 25 years experience in Leadership and have used my skills personally, in my work building high performing teams and as a Business Owner and Coach. My work has been in Retail, Hospitality, Media, Housing, Welfare to work, Education and Public Sector and others.

By working closely with you and really understanding your needs and challenges, your organization’s culture and objective, the department remit and the team make up, I take the Leader through a dual method and sequential systematic process that will help them build a high performing team, be a changemaker and bring a vision to life.

Become a Stress-free Leader

Master Stress and get your Mojo back. Be Clear and in Control

The organisation’s problem

  • You have stressed Executives/Leaders
  • Your star players are not performing due to stress or burnout
  • You have a duty of care toward staff and their mental health and stress
  • You know you have limited resources and therefore staff are overworked
  • Your sickness records are higher than average
  • Your staff are telling you they feel stressed or pressure
  • Covid has caused stress and anxiety in your people

Stress will impact your staff’s

  • Health, mind and wellbeing 
  • Ability to engage positively
  • “A’ game-Performance

and will cost you:

  • Sickness Records
  • Unaccomplished Business Objectives
  • Culture of Happy and High Performing People
  • Your profitability
  • Your Reputation
  • Resignations of good talent
  • Dismissals and Rehiring

Did you know that Stress Management Coaching can directly impact your Bottom Line?

After studying with the Stress Management Consultancy,and combining my 20 years of coaching, I have developed a Stress Management Program with Proven Tools and Techniques to rid or reduce stress. There are 3 core themes in the program

Understanding Stress, your Stress Response and Stress Triggers

  1. Understanding how your Mind can Elevate Stress and Neuroplasticity
  2. Learn and Apply Practical Tools for (Lasting) Change

Benefits to the Recipient:

  • Feel in Control and More Powerful
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Happier and Freer
  • Future Focused 
  • Can Think Clearly 
  • Improved Health
  • Higher Performer 

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