Earlier this year (2022) I had the privilege of being interviewed by Angie Greaves, Radio, Host/Presenter from Smooth FM.

We talked, Life, Legacy, Coaching, Post Pandemic, and about Authentic You, a Self-Coaching Course for Women I designed.

Angie is committed to inspiring others through her platform of interviews, videos, and of course her radio show.

Part I

“Authentic You”

Design Your Highest Life in 10 Steps

  • A 10-part guided self-coaching program for women, packed with questions and exercises all in a digital workbook
  • It will unlock your identity, authenticity, purpose and legacy and help you set goals and standards.
  • It is the ultimate personal growth course for women who really want to design a truly remarkable life.
  • A great way to discover the power of coaching before investing in 1:1 private sessions

Authentic You Cover Self Coach Program Neelam Challoner

A new self-coaching program

What are the things you want most in your life?

  • Achieve My Goals
  • Happiness/Fulfilment
  • Know My Purpose
  • Do What I Love
  • Career Change/Business Venture
  • Confidence/Direction
  • Relationships/Love
  • Find Myself/Potential