Stress affects your health, your relationships, your potential to thrive. Unfortunately I noticed that most of my clients are making the mistake of not dealing with the stressors in their life until breaking point when stress turns into anxiety or even depression.

That`s why I have created for you a new FREE toolkit “Stressful to Blissful: Stress-free Life Workbook”, a 10 pages e-book to tackle stress head on, so you can achieve the healthy and balance life you deserve.

Finally a simple educational e-book with a practical exercise to:
> Learn what stress is
> How to recognise stress
> Identify your stress triggers
> Become aware of your thinking patterns
> Understand how stressors affect your life
> Create a practical action plan to turn your life into a stress-free one.
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The “Stressful to Blissful” Workbook is part of my Redesign Method™, a robust and radical personal development process that helps you create a vision and re-design your life. Re-designing your life will change YOU. You will be happier, more confident, have clarity, feel less stressed and much more in control of your own life.