A Coaches’ Invitation to ‘Know Thyself’

Dear Reader,

You do not know me, but rest assured, I don’t even know myself!

I have had hundreds of conversations over the years with people from all walks of life exploring who they feel they are, who they are not, who they are afraid to be, and who they want to be? These are just a few of countless questions that have plagued my client’s minds. And, I have had the privilege of helping them find the answers.

The Greek aphorism “Know thyself” believed to have been created by Socrates, may have many meanings, yet holds a central truth. Socrates believed the unexamined life is not worth living. I suggest the unexamined life is without substance, purpose and adventure.

Is ‘knowing yourself’ a caution or a motivation, or even both? I think it is both, and fundamental to living a fulfilled life as we grow and evolve.

I propose “knowing thyself” to be an opportunity-an invitation to be our better self. A quest to understanding our potential and even our limits. Rather a noble quest.

The Invitation

I would like to pose a challenge dear reader. The challenge to get to know the rare diamond in yourself in the year ahead. Here is a little thought-provoking inspiration.

A caution;

  • Knowing our limits and where we lack natural or learned talent will prevent futile angst and time wasted. Knowing where we thrive and where we do not, will enable us to find our ‘power’. A fish is much better in water than in air.
  • Understanding our fears and phobias is a cry for safety and security. It is ok, to not be ok at times. Instead, deep dive on the root cause and be empowered rather than disempowered.
  • Gaining insight of inward incongruencies are signs of feeling unsettled and is like our inner brain warning us. 
  • Identifying our (limiting) repeating patterns and cycles can free us from a life of delusion and devastation 

A motivation;

  • Spend a considerable portion of your life discovering who you really are at different stages, beyond titles and surface level roles and accolades. Strengths, stressors, weaknesses, beliefs, blind spots, habits and mindsets, potential and more.
  • Invest in understanding your values, these help us make important decisions and design a career and lifestyle that’s congruent.
  • Devote time to seeking truth and thinking about what you want for you and your loved ones and why? Then design your life to have more of this.
  • Schedule introspection in your calendar periodically. We are not the same person 20 years ago, or even 5 years ago. Whilst there is an essence or core that is often unchanging, we get to discover and even rediscover who we are, through our stories, experiences and relationships, this makes our life rich, interesting and not so monotonous.

A cautionary note to end “I am about to die and I don’t even know myself” Actor Peter O’Toole in a British film

May it never be dear reader!

However, you choose to seek to know yourself, here are three p’s that I am compelled to share with you; peaceful space, pen and paper.

I am an expert in the art of self-discovery after all.

Yours Truly,


Somewhat inspired by Lady Whistledown of Bridgerton


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