“Persevere Until Success Happens” Dr Cindy Trimm

I have been told a couple of times by different people that I am like a midwife who pushes peoples potential and dreams out. I see that as an honourable and worthy thing to do.

Do you carry a dream, an unachieved goal or desire? We each carry a seed. A seed of great potential. Yes, even you. If watered and nurtured, it will grow into something wonderful, something extraordinary, unique and fruitful. It is amazing to see what can come from the smallest of packages.

Someone reading this could be like the visionary’s, inventors, philosophers of the past who have left behind a legacy of thought and innovation. Yet some of us carry seeds that make a difference in a smaller world, with friends, family, a close-knit tribe yet are equally significant.

It`s not about the size of the dream, it’s the size of the impact it has on the people in your world.

In this blog I want to ignite the fire inside you. Inspire you to carry the dream, to PUSH, and PUSH and give life to the thing that you are called-destined-meant to do.

Any woman who has given birth knows what it takes to carry a baby and all the phases she goes through to carry it to full term. Yet, just before the big beautiful moment when she gives birth, a wave and tsunami of contractions and pain overcome her body.  It takes hard work, sweat and tears to PUSH and keep PUSHING until the dream – the child is born.

This is how it is when carrying a big dream, a big idea, a big goal. We must persevere until success happens. If you are carrying something for many years and still want to pursue it, then my message is don’t give up, PUSH!

Pray until success happens

Push until success happens

Persevere until success happens

Prepare until success happens

Persist until success happens

Post until success happens

Promote until success happen

Beyond all this pain, you have potential, and that is the point. After all is said and done, you are alive and therefore you have something truly wonderful to bring to this world. In the confines of darkness, emerges something significant and powerful and even divine. So now it’s time to P.U.S.H

Neelam Challoner 

Multi Award Winning Master Coach

I am ready to take on women who are on a mission and have a message or want to leave a mark in this world. If you need a coach. A cheerleader. A wise mentor. A partner who believes in you. I may be that person.