Will the Leader Please Stand Up?

The 20th century Leader has progressed from a single heroic person to a 21st century Team or a Collective Leadership. However, in a crisis, I feel it is going to take one person, one Leader to step up with a message of hope and bring ingenuity to face the consequences of a crisis and start the ball rolling for adjustments to emerge fighting. Whilst I believe, it will require a collective effort to get through this global pandemic, there is likely to be one who is the forerunner, who understands the present chaos, the panic of the people, and prepares for the future. Who will stand up in your business or organisation and navigate your team or employees through troubled waters? Who will make difficult decisions? Who will paint the bigger picture-even a new picture- and remember the why?

A crisis really identifies leaders; they will stand up and stand out.

A crisis does not have to weaken your ‘why’ it can amplify it

A crisis can bring powerful unity in the Leadership team and the employees

I listened to John Maxwell’s talk on Leading Through Adversity where he shared strength statements. I hope they will strengthen you and give you a positive perspective.

  • Everything worthwhile is uphill
  • There is always an answer
  • Allow adversity to discover who you really are
  • Develop a positive life stance (make it constant and continual)
  • Feed your Faith and starve your fear
  • Motions influence Emotions and the other way around
  • Reflect instead of React
  • Always look for the big picture. Small picture = it is about me. Big Picture= it is about us, me and others
  • Adversity makes you stronger and builds willpower

Things right now are bad, but they are not all bad. We might have to embrace a new normal, but we are in this together. The storm will pass, though there will be losses, displaced lives, businesses and homes, it will require strong leaders with big hearts for the human race to be a difference maker. Maybe this pandemic will force you to do life and business differently. Maybe this crisis will empower you to step out of your comfort zone and have courage. Maybe this will cause you to enjoy and value the simple things. Whatever it is, this crisis will never leave us the same but it can make us stronger.

Leaders as Chris Cardell says “this may be your ‘Morgan Freeman‘ moment,” the moment after a victorious hair raising , heart pounding apocalyptic event, when the sun rises and Freeman (usually President) gives a resounding speech.

Stay Strong

Stay at home

Be Wise and Rise