How to change your life – The Re-design Method 

In our most recent blog we talked about the ‘Designer Life’, and what this means. We said that in order to change your life you need to figure out which parts of your life are not meeting your true goals and dreams. We told you that it is possible to begin a journey, today, to change your life for the better.

The Re-Design Coaching Method

The Re-Design Coaching method is based on three steps.

Step 1. Re-balance.

Who am I? What’s important? What’s not right?

We talked about this in our last blog. We talked about writing down on a scale of 1 to ten how satisfied you are with various aspects of your life. Also think about:

  1. What needs to change about me?
  2. What don’t I like about my daily life/life in general?
  3. What is frustrating /stressing me?

Step 2. Re-Focus

Where are you going? What do you want?

We were all born to do something. But most of us fall into doing something by default or by circumstances. This step is about uncovering and exploring dreams and wishes. It’s exploring what you really want from your life. A very useful tool in this respect is creating a vision. Write down answers to the following:

Next week/month/year I will be:










Let the ideas flow over days or even weeks. Make additional notes and sharpen the focus whenever you are inspired to do so.

Step 3. Re-Design

How will I get there? What needs to be done?

This is about unfolding a plan and a strategy for achieving your goals. More importantly, it’s about taking back control over what your future looks like. Set short, medium and long-term goals. So for instance, if one of your visions is to be looking fitter and slimmer then joining a gym or slimming club may be your first immediate goal.

What’s the point of a Re-Designed Life?

Picture a re-designed you. You’re happier, so you smile a lot. You’re more at ease with yourself and with your life, so you feel more of a sense of peace. You’re performing, daily, the things you want to do to create your perfect life. You feel a sense of purpose and clarity.

Successes big and small start to come your way. You find a better job, your salary goes up, you gain the confidence to go out and meet a new partner, or the confidence to tackle issues in your relationships. Above all, you feel excited about the future. Why? Because now you are living a life by the values you have.