Hands up who can’t wait to say good bye to 2020?

In the last few years I have encouraged my clients to end each year strong, by reviewing accomplishments, tying up loose ends and tackling important unfinished business before the year is out. This gives them a head start for the following year and a blank canvas. I say “have a flourishing finish!” But 2020 has not been a typical year at all has it? One thing this year has taught us, is that we are resilient and can overcome much, and that human interaction is vital for our souls.

So, with three weeks to go before we say good bye to (this challenging) year, and really get into the festive season-albeit differently-why not indulge in a different way from food, drink, and shopping and plan ending your year stronger. I suggest stepping into 2021-whatever that looks like- feeling ready with a clear vision and with some important things done.

If you are already feeling strong and in the best place then this may not be for you, but if you feel distressed, dissatisfied with life, work, your body, your projects/goals, your mind and emotions then here are my simple tips to ending your year strong.

  1. Get moving. Yes, move your body and burn some calories. With most of us working from home and not going out enough and shopping online, get out. Amongst the usual activities of life, the one thing that can get put on the back burner is exercise. If you can’t get to the gym, get to the park or do a video online. Short bursts of intense training are a great way to burn fat in a short space of time.
  2. Review your year, is there anything that you wanted or needed to do, but you haven’t despite Covid-19? Many of us put things on hold this year, so please don’t beat yourself up. There is still a small window to get a task done, or if it’s too big a task, break it down into smaller chunks and aim to get one chunk or even two done before the year is out. You will feel absolutely ‘epic.’ You can do this, make it an unbreakable appointment.
  3. Whilst out Christmas shopping take yourself off for a hot something-of-your-favourite, plus pen and paper and begin…draw a line down the middle of the page on the left side write a title of “lessons learnt/do differently” on the right-side title it “achievements/happy memories.” List out lessons learnt and perhaps situations or goals you may now handle differently. On the right side, list what you have achieved and loved about 2020. This will remind you of the special moments. I firmly believe that we learn and grow through all situations, and it makes good practice to reflect and see the evidence of our growth in a year.
  4. Is there anyone you need to forgive? Is there a difficult experience you need to let go or accept? I recommend you do this as soon as possible. Often hurt, pain, unforgiveness ends up imprisoning us even when we’ve been done wrong by. And let’s be honest here, if you know you have hurt someone, say ‘sorry’ don’t let this go into the new year with you. Get a second opinion if you need to, and get it from someone who will give you the best unbiased advice. Timing is important and not delaying is also vital. It’s never as bad as the mind imagines.
  5. Give to someone in need, whether it’s a charity or a local homeless shelter or a family where there has been job loss or bereavement This is a time for giving; you never know it could be a person, friend or even family member who may need something that you can give. Give without any thought of return!
  6. Write out a fresh or renewed Vision with clear goals for 2021. That way, no matter what the year brings, you will have clarity and confidence to push forward the best you can towards your wellbeing and happiness. Goals give your life purpose, direction and will increase your energy.
  7. Truth is, I could say many more things, but here are just a few more; read a personal development book that expands you, sign up for a course, take on a Coach, declutter, get rid of old negative thinking and replace it with healthy positive thoughts, think big-think what is possible, do something different that makes your heart sing, be spontaneous, smile more, love more and most of all, seize each day!

Have a Sparkling and Safe Christmas!

Photo by Any Lane from Pexels