Why it’s important to switch off? And, 15 non-tech ways to de-stress

Stressed? Not really? Or could that be a big “YES” if you look close enough? Truth is we all experience stress, worry and frustration through our lives. Some people get worked up and stressed with a particular issue and others will see the same issue as a very small challenge and nothing to really get stressed about. It’s down to our own perceptions, tolerances, values and the limits we have. What sorts of things are causing you stress?

Life, Work, Family, Lockdowns, Pandemic, The media/news, Children, Money, Health, Relationship….

When was the last time you gave your mind a holiday?

I was in denial for many months about being stressed out. On the face of it I looked happy, confident and pretty much ‘together’ but actually my body was telling me something else. I began coming up with stress related symptoms including feelings of being anxious and overwhelmed. I then had to acknowledge this and tackle it head on; step by step unravelling what was going on and getting to the root of it. I help my clients find their stressors, and then I coach them to be proactive and solution orientated to bring their stress levels down.

Many illnesses and diseases are caused by stress. It’s our body giving us the signal that something is out of balance. The constant use of phones, tablets, laptops can cause stress, as we never really switch off. How many times do you find you’re checking your phone while watching a movie? Remember the days when phones were put away or on silent and film night was purely that. You enjoyed a good movie without any interruptions-You didn’t want to be interrupted!  How many times do you click on your work emails whilst you’re sitting in the lounge trying o unwind? Yet you reach for the phone and just look and scroll.

What about dinner? Are phones at the dinner table? Is there even a dinner table? Do you even have dinner?

We are so wired to be stimulated by technology and multi-sensory experiences, anything less, now feels boring. Because we now have nothing to entertain our brain. We are forced to think, to ponder, to reflect, to have a conversation. Omg, a proper conversation with the family/household! Yet we have a whole universe inside of us, that is waiting to bring forth our individual human potential and power that is way beyond the social media ‘likes’ we get.

It’s time to switch off. In case you need to, give yourself permission to switch off your phone/tablets etc 

Coming back to stress, the radiation that technology emits is not healthy for our body soul and spirit or our stress levels. We cannot even go to the gym or do an exercise class without being synced to our sports watches. I still remember running having planned a route and the distance on google maps before I left the house, to ensure I completed my goal, and guessing my heartrate by my breath, how I felt, and whether I could speak. Thinking about this makes me laugh.

De-Stress by Intentionally Switching Off.

De-Stress by Intentionally Switching Off – Couple Image

If our stress is high, our immune system weakens. Do I need to say any more?

Furthermore, most people forget their personal values (what’s most important to them), when stressed and their ‘why’, and most of all, performance and progression can be hindered as a consequence of stress. The overuse of technology, constantly being connected to work, social media, or TV can prevent you from switching off and really de-stressing, I do agree that a good TV show is very stress relieving though.

Technology has its place, and with it we have been able to do so much, but it can cause stress, when you cannot switch off and just be.

Stress is good for us in small doses, but consistent and ongoing stress is like poison, poison to the mind, body and wellbeing and I might add to our relationships and professional life if not dealt with.

15 Non-Tech ways to De-stress this year

  1. Seek counselling about a specific or deep-rooted issue and get talking with a view to untangle, gain clarity and perhaps resolve the matter(s)
  2. Hire a Life or Stress Management Coach to get goals, values and direction into perspective and achieve overdue objectives.
  3. Have a Bach Remedy blended for your specific emotions or try a high-quality CBD oil or a homeopathy remedy
  4. Do something that you have never done before, something that will give you a thrill, joy or make you feel alive
  5. Ask a friend/family member to help you get organised or de-clutter – clearing out your physical environment is an amazing way to reduce stress and find inner peace.
  6. Go and help someone in need. The inner satisfaction of helping someone else relieves stress.
  7. Each night do a ‘gratitude’ journal, write down all the things you are thankful for that day from bumping into an old friend, to the good lunch you had, to the job you have etc. Do this with fresh eyes as if for the first time each day
  8. Meditate or pray every day, start with 10 minutes and build it as you can.
  9. Hand Draw or Write a vision for your life or for a project or a goal you really want to achieve.
  10. Read a (physical) book or a really good (physical) magazine
  11. List all the things that stress you out, cross out anything that you actually cannot change, and start working on the rest of the list one by one, whether it takes 4 weeks or 4 months just work on each issue one at a time creating a step by step plan on the issue at hand.
  12. Get in Nature; go for a long walk, have a picnic, (if you must have phone for safety, keep it away and switched off). Do some gardening or go camping in your garden.
  13. Sleep. Prepare your environment well; quality cotton/bamboo sheets, oxygenating plants, lighting, minimalist room and lavender oil. And make this a really great sleep.
  14. Be like a child, play with your children, pets, nieces/nephews.
  15. Start a new hobby that doesn’t involve any tech or is minimal.

What other non-tech ways could you reduce stress? Comment below!

To a happier and healthier lifestyle