Have you considered taking on a Life Coach to help you ‘be’ and live a life that you desire? Ponder this question for just a moment; on a scale of 1-10 how truly happy or satisfied are you with your life right now? Be honest. What is the number?

For those who are at a 10, that is super, this article has you in mind too…read on

One of the great lessons that we learn from the world of sports is that WINNERS EMPLOY COACHES AND LOSERS DO NOT! If an athlete is determined to win, one of the first things they do is look for a good coach; someone that can help them develop a winning strategy, sharpen their skills and support them in training as well as in competition. The same principle holds true in life; winners usually win because they develop around them a winning team. You have heard the saying: “It takes team work to make the dream work!” Well it is true no matter what the dream. You may already have an accountant, a lawyer, a financial advisor or a Personal Trainer on your team but when you bring a Life Coach on board, it puts you in the league of some of the most productive and balanced people in the world.

There is a huge rise in celebrities taking on life coaches in the last two decades and perhaps even before that, but it was more elitist and unknown back then.

Below is an excerpt from an article in the Elite Daily

It’s simply a celebrity’s profession that separates them from us “regular” folk. Believe it or not, they still experience the same challenges and emotions you and I go through on a daily basis.

They too can feel fear and can get overwhelmed. It’s also no secret that celebrities can have issues with money, health and relationships.

The use of a life coach has helped many celebrities work through roadblocks they encounter to take their lives to the next level. Other than their notoriety, celebrities are no different from anyone else. Just because they can be easily recognized on the streets doesn’t mean they’re not fighting an internal battle.

“What is a life coach?” you ask. A life coach is someone who helps you reach your goals and make changes in your life. And these celebrities know how to use them.

Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, Nia Long, Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi and many more.

Have you wondered how your current life whether privileged, boring, successful or monotonous can still be transformed to one that is truly incredible?

Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie are all strong, independent women who have succeeded in their careers with a little bit of help from a life coach. If you are a strong independent woman have you thought how you could be even more fulfilled or content?

Tiger Woods, Brad Pitt, Michael Phelps and George Clooney are all highly successful in their fields and have all consulted a life coach to help them focus on and achieve their goals. At the heart of it all lays the idea that people must be given the power to help themselves.

Actress Nia Long who came to fame on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” learned how to live a fulfilling and joyful life after some sessions with her life coach and Danny Bonaduce, who was famous for his role on “The Partridge Family,” with the help of a life coach before becoming a coach himself.

The main benefits of life coaching come in the form of the four C’s which are: Clarity, Control, Confidence and Courage

Take the road less travelled and live an extraordinary life.

by Life Coach Neelam Challoner

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