Best Dynamic Life Coach Service – London

I am proud to be recognised for the second year running in the Lux Life Global Excellence Awards Best Dynamic Life Coach Service –  London AT LUXlife Magazine. ⁣

As a young girl, I always loved glossy, shiny, natural with a dash of luxury. Maybe it came from working in fashion retail in Oxford Circus as my first job whilst studying, and me pouring over magazines, thinking about exotic locations, spas, interiors, fashion and just beautiful things.. So, when I began my journey into personal development and began shaping my profession and career as a Coach, I always felt it needed the hallmarks of me. ⁣

Running a business with congruency is important to me and building a brand and delivering a service accordingly is vital. Receiving the LuxLife Global Excellence Award is more about synergy and yes, of course recognition.

The Global Excellence Awards honours the contributions of the very best of those whose aim is above and beyond the competition. Luxlife offers their readers  a comprehensive and honest representation of the very best that the international global luxury lifestyle has to offer.

This is not just any coaching.