Happy New Year!

Every company has one; a Mission statement stating who they are, what they believe in, and what they aim to achieve.

You can also write a Personal Mission Statement, for your own life. It’s a powerful and effective way of achieving your dreams.

Writing a mission statement isn’t about setting goals, it’s more about creating a blueprint for your life. It’s about setting down what you ultimately want in life. (Naturally, within that vision there are goals that will get you to that point.)

There are fun ways to get inspiration for your mission statement. One of these is a vision board.


I’ve got one in my office of all the things I want to achieve or people I want to do business with, plus words that I want associated with my business. There are pictures on there showing how I would like to present myself, and words such as “outstanding coach” which reminds me of my mission every day.

A vision board brings your mission statement to life, creating a visual reminder of what it is you want to achieve. With it you’ve got a pictorial representation of this all the things you desire in one place.

It’s easy to create a vision board. Simply collect some magazines, catalogues, newspapers and photographs, and cut out anything that strikes a chord with you. What you’re aiming to create is a collective picture of all the things that make you happy, that resonate with what you want to achieve in life, and the things that are really important to you.

You can make the board specific to different areas: job/work life, relationships/family.

Hang it where you will see it every day, in the office, or in the kitchen. Having a clear vision of what you want in life is the fastest way to get there.

So back to the Mission Statement. In order to create your mission statement, ask yourself questions like: Would you continue working in your job or business if you suddenly had £5million in the bank? What three things in life do you value the most? What work would you do if you didn’t need the money? What difference would you like to make in your family/town/city/work/world?

What you’ll end up with is this:

My name is_________________________________________________________


My true passion is____________________________________________________


My main goal is______________________________________________________


I will be remembered for ___________________________________________________________________


I enjoy my life because_________________________________________________



Why have a Mission Statement? Because it:


  1. Helps you set goals that feed into the mission statement


  1. Defines your values and what matters to you


  1. Makes you think about how you want others to see you


  1. Helps you see the bigger picture of your life


  1. Gives you a sense of purpose and direction


Good luck creating your mission statement! If you want some help with it, give me a call to discuss how Designer Life Coaching can help!