The Ghost of Past, Present and Future – A Rudish Awakening

Imagine you were the central character of the famous Christmas story written by Charles Dickens. How would your story play out?

I am sure you are not miserly Scrooge, but in this version, you get to see the past, present, and future. Maybe like Scrooge, you have missed meaningful moments, future defining opportunities or, not having lived your full potential. 

The unlived dream is taken to the grave. The unlived version of you is never remembered.

It’s Christmas eve, and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Until the lights and candles go out in a sudden blackout. The door knob twists and a gush of wind throws the door open. And standing before you a shadow of your Coach frozen.

Surprised that she’s’ turned up at your door at this hour. You begin to ask, but then see she interrupts, which is unlike her, and tells you she is here to take you on 3 journeys…

You are instantly whisked through a tunnel and boom! You land…in your past …

As you see scenes from your past unfolding, you reminisce and remember things including seeing yourself seeing yourself in different ways, realising what you didn’t see or know at the time. She shows you scenes with family and friends and conversations you had forgotten. Your Coach notices your reaction and body language and asks you questions

  1. What mattered? What have you lost? What have you gained?
  2. What goals or dream did you (not) accomplish? What got in the way?
  3. What strengths can you take from this? What lessons can you learn?

Then, just as you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion, in a twinkling of an eye you are home in your room and you wonder if you dreamt it. Feeling worn out, you finally snuggle into your bed, but are rudely awakened by the shadow of your Coach standing over head! 

So, it wasn’t a dream. Within a moment you are transported to a place you know so well you were there yesterday, you observe yourself and start to see something you knew deep down, but realised you couldn’t accept it-wouldn’t accept it, the flashback causes a frown. You watch your last 24 hours attentively, the people, the places, your thoughts, habits, your physical appearance and recognise somethings, good and ‘hard’ now you need a fresh chance. 

Your Coach intuitively asks you questions again

  1. What’s missing from your life/work/business? How are you keeping it out? 
  2. What are you tolerating? Be honest?
  3. Who are you at your best? What potential Is left untapped? In all of life’s’ areas; health, spirituality, career, finances, family, adventure, contribution, environment, relationships, personal growth.

Whilst you’re deep in thought and reflecting, you get a light bulb moment! Then suddenly you hear a sound and a clunk and you are pulled up into the air into the night sky, and what feels like a big drop at speed, your stomach flip flops like it dropped from on high. You land on your feet with a thud, and find yourself in a bed of buds. You know you are not in the same time frame and the penny drops “it must be the future” It’s dusk and the sun is setting, bright pink orange and blue inky sky. You look for your coach, but she is nowhere in sight.

As you scan the garden and take everything in, feeling a little lost and unclear, on what to do or what is near. You take a walk and admire the flowers, the landscape, which appears to be wild yet perfectly pruned. You follow the pathway and then stumble on a big stone, avoiding a wound. You see, it has two arrows etched on it, one pointing to the left and the other pointing right.

You wonder what you should do, as there are no details except the arrows. But somehow you just know it’s a message for you. Then as you decide to bear towards the right, a voice comes from the left “hey! Don’t go there. Come this way in to the light.” The voice sounds so familiar. 

You turn around to find you standing there!

Its you, but you look unwell and tired. As you turn to walk towards the left you feel unsure, but you convince yourself “what else, this must be the sign, the universe is showing me something” 

Then a loud voice comes from the right “you mustn’t go there!” Again, the voice is familiar and you know it’s you. As you turn, this you say’s

“I am you in the future. The future you haven’t lived. I have something to share”

The other voice responds

“no, come this way! I too am your future!”

Both begin to speak convincingly and do their best to influence and direct you towards them.

The left looks pale, tired, uninspired and unwell and honestly defeated. But you feel comfortable

The right looks healthy, radiant and more attractive, full of optimism.

But there is no doubt, both are you!

Feeling confused and wondering if this is a trick or a test

You wonder what your coach would do, and decide what’s best

“which one of you is the best version of me?”

Immediately the you on the left yelps, rolls the eyes, making sounds and falls to the knees.

The you on the right is beaming with a smile, nods with confidence, no words, then points you to go ahead.

You move the stone and find surprisingly it’s easier than you dread. 

In front you is an easel with a blank canvas and on the side, a multitude of different coloured pencils, pens and paints in colours you couldn’t have even imagined.

There is a carefully placed envelope with your name on it.

You open it and inside is an embossed notecard with a handwritten message -you recognise the writing is yours

“Dear me, the Future is yours to Design. Don’t be afraid to live your Potential and Destiny. Everything will work out, even with highs and lows. Love from your future self

Ps Live by Design, not by Default. You are worth it and you got this!

Your coach will walk with you.”

After reading this, you are filled with hope, inspiration and light. As you pick up a paint brush to begin painting, you see your Coach walking towards you like a golden mirage. Your mind ponders, “my coach was right, when she said I will have “clarity, control, confidence, and courage”

The End or …The New Beginning.


If you wrote this story how would it play out?

What would the past tell you?

What would the present reveal to you?

What does the future hold for you?

What does the garden mean or look like?

What might the future versions of you look like or say?

What message would be on your notecard?

If it wasn’t an easel with a blank canvas, what else might it be that helps you design your future?

What is on the left side?

Have a wonderful, worthy and winning end to the year.

God bless us every one!