You have most likely heard similar messages before and per

haps even several times through different modes, but I am writing this from my soul today as we all need to hear a message over and every now and then it reappears at a time when we need it most.

In each of us is placed the seed of greatness. That includes you. I have the seed and so do you. We all have the potential to be amazing, to be a difference maker, to change society, to change how we live, to reform a city, to bring hope to the hopeless, to be prosperous and so much more.

But let’s be honest…

How often do you think of the greatness that is within you?

How much do you really believe in yourself and is it consistent?

What dream seeds do you have that are still lying unwatered?

Who tells you on a regular basis about the potential that is in you?

Who do you have in your life that is helping you build your dream or best invention?

For some, you may be fortunate to have a positive force in your life to remind you of your ability, of your dream and support you, if you do, that is wonderful! Go out and do it.

For others that may not be the case, as your identity and potential becomes obscured by your own limiting thoughts, fears, excuses and life experiences.

I have sadly seen in households where negativity is the main course and digital distractions are the dessert. And silently, unconsciously, individuals are starved of verbal affirmations, encouragement and the inspiration to be their best self and to unleash the potential that is lying within them.

My message to you today is, don’t let this happen to you or your families. Don’t go another day or week in obscurity, having wrong beliefs about you. Shake off any regrets. Let go of past mistakes. Release the negative comments from others, and swat away the draining opinion of mediocrity, flick them away like a mosquito.

I have had to do my fair share of this recently, the truth is, the true ‘me’ began to appear as I questioned my own thoughts. I feel like a butterfly that is emerging from the confinement of a dark cocoon, where change was taking place in isolation.

Something inside of me said ‘push’

Now in slow motion I am pushing out of my confines, my perceived limitations and I am going to arise to my next level in life.

I urge and encourage everyone who is reading this who has felt lost, forgotten or stagnant; it is time to believe in the seeds that have been planted in you and begin allowing those seeds to grow.

7 ways to grow your seed of greatness

  1. Water the seeds by speaking positively over your potential, your dreams and ideas
  2. Feed the soil the right nutrients, so read, learn and grow in the area or subject that you want to excel in. Good soil means seeds will take root and flourish
  3. Write the vision down of what you want to become and do
  4. Be patient with the process
  5. Draw up a plan
  6. Implement and work that plan
  7. Find a catalyst like a Coach to help you

You may have had a bad start or a difficult middle, but you can have a flourishing finish!