However you embraced January 1st 2021, this is the perfect time to relook at your life and decide if anything needs changing. 

In the UK most of us woke up to a lockdown, but that does not need to hinder us from setting and achieving some important goals for 2021.  In fact, I feel it’s even more important to diversify, future proof and innovate and be open to doing life in a new way and live by our values. 

If there is one thing this global pandemic has done, it made us realise our values and how precious life is.

Our perspective, on how we see our own world and how we plan our future, is vital to keep us going forward and prevent us from getting down, depressed and distracted.

This blog will help you consider some important questions that will help you begin designing your life this year. 

To get started, grab yourself a journal, or blank sheet of paper and a good pen or coloured pencils.  

Express all your thoughts; be creative and create lists, tables, circles, add pictures, to write your answers.

Let your words simply flow, take your time. You may find that initially you are quick and then you slow down and can’t think of anything else. Keep focused, sometimes the most deep-rooted desire takes time to appear. You may even struggle at first, especially if you have never sat down and spent time on your goals before, but stay with it.

  1. What needs to change/improve about me?
  2. What am I not satisfied with in my daily life/life in general?
  3. What is deeply frustrating /stressing me?
  4. If I focus, and implement actions I have set this month, in December, I will be doing…looking… feeling….going…saying…wearing…working…earning….living…etc
  5. Who am I? This is character/titles/profession/talents/gifts/personality/habits/purpose/passions/addictions Write everything, good and bad.
  6. What do I really want this year? What needs to stop, start, change or happen?
  7. What really matters? What do I deeply value in life?
  8. What situations/people do I need to see differently (the ones that are getting me down)?
  9. Why is each goal important? How will each goal benefit me?
  10. What advice would my future-self give me?

I trust you found this valuable and if you want to take this further and experience a (complimentary) transformative conversation, do get in touch different@designerlife.local

Wake up embracing a journey that helps you be the best version of yourself with a vision of what the year could end like.

The best way to predict the future, is to Design it. Let`s #redesignyourlife