Authentic You Q&A

Compelling Reasons Why Women Should Experience The “Authentic You” Self-Coaching Program

“Authentic You” is a new 10-part self-coaching program for women. Created by Award Winning Coach, Neelam Challoner. Neelam is the Founder of Designer Life and creator of The Redesign Method.

Why Women?

There comes a point in every woman’s life where one wants to change, to build herself, to find herself, to live with meaning and purpose, to upscale her life. Most women at least once in their adult life wake up and think “I want to change my” I know many women love seeing images of other women who have gone through a transformation. And often deep down also want it for themselves too. We love to feel like we can, and have done something significant in this life outside of being partner, parent and professional. We women are designed to be authentic and to do it in a glorious way without apologising for our existence.  I truly believe our essence is to be change-makers and “Authentic You” is a catalyst for this.

So what is “self-coaching”? 

It’s basically as it says, you coaching yourself. It is fully guided and broken down into an easy-to-follow sequence, full of questions and exercises to follow.

What can it do for me in nutshell? 

In three words; Authenticity, Legacy, Transformation. It provides tools to Create and Live an Inspired Life with meaning, purpose, passion, direction and clarity and confidence

Who is it for?

This is for EVERY WOMAN wanting to find them self. 

It is for women who…

  • decided that their existence means more, and is more, especially after a pandemic
  • have forgotten their story, their ‘super’ and are ready discover it again and to rise and share
  • want to reawaken a part of their soul, that they thought was closed forever
  • want to experience a level of coaching and results, but is reluctant to commit to having a personal coach-lets be real, not everyone wants a coach. Though I think everyone should have a coach
  • need help, guidance, navigating after a life changing event
  • is ready to grow and be the best version of themselves and try the power of coaching
  • aims to change their life and create a better and brighter future
  • wants to start living again and releasing their potential.

Why is it worth the investment?

  • It’s affordable, with astounding and life altering content for personal effectiveness
  • The program is equivalent to 10 sessions. The session content has been inspired and designed by many client sessions over the years and is created in a universal way.
  • The investment of the program is worth the gains of just one or two sessions
  • Imagine knowing yourself better. Imagine creating an inspired written vision. Imagine knowing your ‘why’. Imagine drawing up a one-year transformative road map and all the benefits you gain from having that clarity. 
  • It is a program that once sown into, you will reap for many years to come. 
  • Having a personal legacy will outlive you!
  • You get two bonus sessions too-so it’s actually equivalent to 12 sessions

Why else?

A self-coaching program that you can do in the comfort of your own home at a time that works for you.

It’s a workbook packed full of questions and exercises that guide you through each step or “session”

It’s an instant download

It’s easy to complete the sessions exercises and questions, you can fill digitally or print and fill or write in a separate journal

What is it not?

A book to read

1:1 personal coaching session

A regulated course or qualification

Final Reasons

It empowers you to upscale your existence

It will help you bring out the next (best) version of yourself

You will coach yourself to create an inspired and authentic life, by design

Inspire you to change your World and become a changemaker or a difference maker

Neelam Challoner | The Redesign Coach-Transforming Lives

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