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Design Your Most Inspired Life in 10 Steps

a guided, self-coaching program by redesign coach Neelam Challoner to help you rediscover, reimagine and redesign your life


  • (Re) Discover yourself in new ways and tap into your hidden potential
  • Learn what you deeply want and live a more inspired life
  • Create a vision, and know your end game
  • Have a one-year transformation roadmap
  • Build a lifestyle that supports your bigger picture
  • Set goals and standards for yourself that raise the bar
  • Elevate your existence and design a ‘purpose-driven‘ life
  • Live authentically, congruently and powerfully

‘Redesigned’ – Self Coaching Program

Authentic You Cover Self Coach Program Neelam Challoner

How’s life? What do you really want? Want to be inspired and Rewrite your future story?

  • You want to do something big/noteworthy since a life-changing event occurred, like the loss of a loved one, a breakup or an unexpected shift in life
  • You’re feeling uninspired by your life right now and maybe going around in circles
  • You want to reinvent yourself with new vision and direction
  • You want to make a difference but not sure if you can or how
  • You have a gift, a story or many ideas but can’t see  it turn into something valuable
  • You want to be more, and do more, but feel unclear and stuck
  • You are happy in the background, but deep down feel there is more to you
  • You are quietly ambitious and on a mission

    What I found my clients wanted was clarity, control, confidence and courage and to be congruent They realised the saddest and biggest regret is to not be or do the things they were meant to.

    This is your opportunity to have that!

    You have the power to design the next, best version of you




    Design Your Most Inspired & Impactful Life



    where YOU will design your Highest Authentic Life in your own space

    Redesigned Self Coaching Program Neelam Challoner

    Experience “Redesigned”

    10 Module Sessions


    Rebalance | Session 1

    Where am i now?

    To move to your desired destination, you need to know and understand where you are right now. When you look at a road map, you look at your destination and then at your current location. From there, you work out the distance you need to travel and decide the best route to take.

    Rebalance | Session 2

    who am i really?

    Often, we try to fit in with people in our circles which could come at the expense of losing our self. Or by default we enter a specific role like parenthood and the responsibility and duty overtakes our identity which may not be in sync with who we really are in our uniqueness.

    Refocus | Session 3

    my core values

    Values are not ideals and values should not be influenced by others around you. Values are a set of strong principles and beliefs and highest priorities. It’s what is most important to you. It’s vital to know what matters as values often underpin a life purpose or vision.

    Refocus | Session 4

    my legacy

    We are not here to just take up space, we each have a destiny or purpose to fulfil. This may seem like big “pipe- dream”-talk, but it’s not. We all leave a mark, a legacy. Something that outlives us. We all make a difference.

    Redirect | Session 5

    creating my vision

    A vision is a dream of the future; it’s a mental picture of what you are striving for. If you don’t have a dream, vision or an idea of where you are heading you will always hit your target of NOTHING. Having a clear target will enable you to hit the bulls eye of your vision.

    Redirect | Session 6

    my mission and my master plan

    A huge part of good coaching is to turn thought ideas, dreams, into a clear Mission with well-written goals and a plan. In this session, we will turn your vision into a ‘Mission Statement’ and set Milestones and Goals.

    Redirect| Session 7

    facing my giants

    Whether we like it or not we are constantly faced with challenges, obstacles and fears. Some are of our own making, others appear through tests, traumas and trials. When you are living life with determination, you will encounter people who will support you and those that don’t. 

    Result | Session 8

    the power of my why

    Our ‘why’ is recession-proof, crisis-proof, and time-proof. Every day we make decisions, about what we will do, how will we do it, and record into our diaries the things we must do. We think, research, plan and prioritise. But, do we ever pause to think ‘why’

    Redesign | Session 9

    building my story and brand

    Believe it or not your presence online and offline, at work or in your social circle is your brand. How you show up becomes your reputation, your story, your brand. You have the right to decide how you want to be seen.

    Redesign| Session 10

    building habits for transformation

    Sow discipline and reap a habit. We are all capable of great things. Yet what is required is really the test. In order to transform your life, live your potential, and design an inspired future we must recognise what it takes. In short, it will take discipline.

    I’ve helped hundreds of women design their life, now it’s your turn!

    My Private Clients pay £2500-updwards to work with me on a transformative one-to-one coaching program. I work closely with women to Redesign their Lives.  

    Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen so many amazing and ambitious women struggle with a lack of clarity, confidence, and courage to achieve their vision and it stops them dead in their default life. They are stuck, and they rarely release their full potential until we start working together.

    If you never work on designing your future, you’re likely to not live the life you were born to.

    It’s for that reason that I want to make sure I get this transformational self-coaching program into as many hands as I possibly can, so I can help you design and live a fulfilled and authentic life that has meaning and mission.

    Invest in the program to living a Higher Life


    The Redesign Method by Neelam Challoner

    A little extra for you

    BONUS  1

    my growth plan

    On any significant and meaningful journey, you will need as much support and knowledge as possible. You may have chosen an area that requires you to go back and study and that’s okay. Many of the most successful people had to learn and re-learn the topic they wanted to become experts in.

    BONUS 2

    Intentional Self-Care

    In this session, you are encouraged to spend quality time looking after yourself. It’s fantastic to have a dream and to want to do so much but if you lack energy, are unhealthy or stressed it could impact on what you intend to do. Making changes to your wellbeing does not have to cost you money; you can design your plan to suit your diary and budget.



    When you invest in the “Redesigned” Program, you get access to a 10 part Step-by-Step Proven process to transform your life.

    • This is a ten-part guided self-coaching program inspired by the 100’s sessions I have had with clients over the last two decades using my The Redesign Method™.
    • Each part is called a ‘session’ and has been designed to take you through a logical yet intuitive questioning process with easy-to-follow exercises.
    • It’s packed full of questions and short exercises to help you dig deep, expand your thinking and discover you and even, your Personal Legacy.
    • In addition, I am giving you 2 Extra Bonus Sessions
    • A total of 115 pages

    This is NOT a book to read. Coaching is not about information, but about Transformation.

    The program has been developed by Redesign Coach Neelam Challoner, an Award-Winning Transformational Coach based in Buckinghamshire, England, UK with over twenty years of experience coaching in organisations, business owners, and private clients, worldwide. 


    Invest in “Redesigned” Self-Coaching Program Today!

    – JUST £199.00 –


    See What Others Have Said

    “You have changed my life”
    Neelam is an excellent coach. She has a 360-degree approach to helping her clients, looks at the whole YOU. Neelam is amazing and I highly recommend her. Thank you Neelam, you have changed my life.

    Peace Lilly

    “Well worth the time and self-investment”
    Neelam was amazing in helping me focus in completely different areas of my life and I have had huge changes because of our sessions. Well worth the time and self-investment, nothing more valuable than working on yourself and aligning what you want out of life!

    Harish Kalyan

    You are an inspiration to women
    “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my Life Coach. You are an inspiration to women who need a makeover everywhere! You are a single answer to a million prayers.”

    Ana Shaun

    It really was life changing!
    Thank you so much. I have set aside a significant amount of time in my busy week to take action, and to keep going over and over the workbook. You were inspirational, approachable, clear, friendly, and had a sense of humour. What a wonderful day, and as you said, it really was life changing! Thanks so much.

    Liz Vajir

    It’s an investment well spent on me
    “I have now built a Trust with someone that holds me accountable for the deliverance and achievements of my dreams, through perseverance, Faith, newfound drive and it’s an investment well spent on me.

    Maria de Souza


    Your most popular questions, answered

    How long will it take to finish my program?

    Redesigned  Self-Coaching program is composed of 10 sessions and can be completed in a few days, 10 days, or 10 weeks. Each session can take 60-90 minutes. Some sessions may take a little more time, such as session 3 and 6. I suggest pacing one session per week. If you are really driven and have the time off, you may prefer to do this as a 10 day intense program. Equally you could do this over a longer timeframe, It’s up to you.

    If you are really driven and have the time off, you may prefer to do this as a 10 day intense program. Equally you could do this over a longer timeframe, It’s up to you.

    How do you deliver your self-coach program?

    “Redesigned” is a fillable, downloadable pdf delivered to your inbox

    The program is made up of 10 modules or sessions. Once you have processed the payment, you will receive an email with the program download and the two extra Bonus Sessions.

    Can I do this over a longer period?

    Yes. However, I recommend keeping pace and momentum. There are a couple of sessions where it may be valuable to give yourself time in between. This is a guided self-coaching program that you can do when you want. It’s your sessions, your life and your pace.


    What if I have a question or need help?

    You can email different@designerlife.co.uk and ask a question, we aim to get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.

    How does this compare with a 1:1 session?
    This program has been made up from 100’s of sessions I have had with my private clients. Each session is designed to take you through a measurable process that leads to meeting the overall session objective. Each session has been put together with insight, intuition, questions and exercises that I have used in my private sessions. What this will not do, is pick up on individual spontaneous insights or revelations. This is where having 1;1 will be beneficial.
    Can I do this program while I am on holiday?

    Yes. Absolutely. Redesigned is actually the perfect accompaniment to a detox/health retreat, or if away alone. If you are on a family holiday, then I suggest permitting yourself some ‘me’ time  to do the sessions.

    So, are you in? Ready to Design your Life?

    You have two choices

    The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing… then you hit the target of nothing.

    BUT, if you already know that you want to grow and make a greater impact in the World, then your choice is obvious: invest in your future self,  and begin your transformation to become the person you know you were meant to be.

    “Your Existence is An Inspiration. 

    You’ve just been Quiet.” 

    – Neelam Challoner –

    Invest in “Redesigned” Self-Coaching Program Today!

    – JUST £199.00 –

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