It`s time to finally put pen to paper on what you have been longing for years

Know what you really want

Create a personal powerful vision of what you are striving for, to instantly catapult you towards your dreams

Get Instant Clarity on:

  • Life
  • Profession / Career
  • Lifestyle
  • Legacy
  • Family
  • Future
  • Your bigger picture

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How to Create your own vision

This workbook is for you if:

  • You are lacking direction and clarity
  • You feel unfulfilled and want to have a strong ‘why’
  • You are a dreamer but need to conceptualise
  • You aspire for more: more joy, more meaning, more freedom
  • You feel the clock is ticking and you need to act now

What my clients are saying

As soon as I found what I wanted to do, the opportunity found me.

You have been a huge help to me. I was thinking it is amazing how the universe works. As soon as I found what I wanted to do, the opportunity found me. If this was something I saw last year before my coaching with you, I would have just ignored it. So, yes we nailed it ! It has been great working with you and I have really enjoyed the sessions we have had. Let me know if you want me to write a testimonial for you on your website. It will be my pleasure to tell everyone how great you are. – IK

Really feeling a benefit or having focused, positive goals.

Today I smashed in my first and longest ever run doing a Half Marathon. Not long ago I struggled to survive a 5km! 😂 Just wanted to let you know all the groundwork you have done with me so far really helped me to achieve this today. Making me be more accountable for myself, setting a timetable and creating “me” time. The don’t feel it just do it (your words!) attitude that I’ve really implemented in myself. Really feeling a benefit or having focused, positive goals. Anyway, I just wanted to share that and say thank you!

Harish Kalyan

You are an inspiration to women

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my Life Coach. You are an inspiration to women who need a makeover everywhere! You are a single answer to a million prayers.”

Ana Shaun

It really was life changing!

Thank you so much. I have set aside a significant amount of time in my busy week to take action, and to keep going over and over the workbook. You were inspirational, approachable, clear, friendly, and had a sense of humour. What a wonderful day, and as you said, it really was life changing! Thanks so much.

Liz Vajir

I’ve helped hundreds of women create a new vision for their life, and now it’s your turn!

I am an Award Winning Life & Career Coach with 20 years of experience working with corporate, business owners and private clients.

In the last few years I decided to focus on working with women, empowering them to create a new vision for their life & career, and help them reach their goals.
My unique – The Redesign Method™ – is a robust and radical personal development process that helps you re-design your life. 
Not only will you reach your goals, you will be happier, more confident, have clarity, feel less stressed and much more in control of your own life.


The Redesign Method by Neelam Challoner

What’s inside

In this FREE 10 pages e-book you will understand what a Vision is, why it`s important to have one. It also explains how you can write your own personal life vision and includes a Vision Template to follow. By the end you will have a clear vision and know your “Why”.

FREE, today!

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