Thinking about Redesigning your Life? 

Reinventing yourself seems like a GIANT leap. Almost too ambitious. Yet, it is really about small but deep change that will cause a significant shift resulting in transformation. Simply put, it’s changing your life.

Redesigning your life is the solution, when you wake up one day with a profound thought “I want to change my life…I need to change my life” and then all those questions that follow “who am I?” “what do I really want to do?”

Redesign or Reinvention Coaching is a life-changing experience that will benefit most people at turning points in their life. Major change in circumstances are:

  • Divorce
  • Marriage
  • Redundancy/Job Loss
  • Desperate for Change
  • Bereavement/Loss
  • Strong feeling of dissatisfaction/unfulfillment
  • Retirement
  • Starting a business/new venture
  • Altering life direction-finding purpose
  • Huge career change

If you had the opportunity to start your life over, what would you do? Maybe you are very happy, satisfied and living your potential, then this is not for you. You are already there. 

Redesign life coaching is for anyone who recognises the need to affect a meaningful and multi-level, multi-faceted change. It’s an extraordinary journey where we will work on key areas such as:

  • your values
  • your vision
  • your vocation
  • yourself
  • your strengths
  • your perception
  • your life purpose
  • your thoughts
  • your habits

and more.

Whether you want to reinvent in part or completely, I can help you. 

If you were to write the next chapter in your life, what would you write? I will help you design and create an exciting ‘next chapter’. What could this mean for you and your loved ones?

‘Redesign’ coaching with me is about transitioning through change and unleashing the potential and power within. It’s for women who want to change themselves and in so doing, live with a sense of purpose, thus, creating a congruent, successful life that is truly satisfying, designed by them.