The Redesign Method

The Re-Design Coaching Method can help you achieve the life you hope and imagine

The Method

There are 3 stages to the method and (subject to circumstances) this is the logical and most natural order for the sessions to flow in. It is like building a house; you start with laying the foundation then the building walls and then constructing the roof, you would not start with the roof or the walls.
Many people work towards changing the result or an outcome they are not happy with, but often fail to understand the ROOT of it, therefore the problem or issue returns.

Re-designing your life is not just a one-stop wonder it is a journey where YOU and your dreams develop into a much-desired reality, into a lifestyle. By going through the stages we will work together to unlock your true potential and help you to totally Re-design your life; from your mind, to your habits to your reality.

Stage one

is where we start to create and build a foundation for a much happier and congruent life. This is where we look at creating balance and harmony with your values and the reality of your life. By looking at who you are as a person and identifying what is important, we can work on the next stage. Without this, the next 2 stages will be ‘superficial.’ Unfortunately, many people fail to look deeper and ask themselves meaningful questions, and find they achieve a goal and still feel unhappy in the end. This is because they did not first take the time to see if this goal sits with their values. We also look at what is not going right. This stage is vital to the success of stage 2 and 3 and beyond and is quite profound.

Stage two

is really looking at you in a bigger picture and uncovering what you were born to do and how that will fit into your ideal lifestyle and we look at what do you really want for your life. This stage is where we do some further uncovering but mainly exploring dreams and visions and aligning these to what we have discovered in stage one. This is quite an exciting time and empowers you to see how your life is significant, and how you can create a positive ripple effect, raising your confidence.

Stage three

the final and most dynamic stage and is where we put together all the pieces and this naturally leads into creating, visualising and re-designing the life you want to live. By this stage you will already be living stage 1 and 2 and you will create a plan and strategy to achieve some of your highest goals having control over how your future unfolds.

Note: as sessions are tailored to client’s needs these stages are subject to change to suit objectives and client preference.

The Timeline

This is dependent on your determination and motivation levels. You can Re-design your life in as little as 3 months, but this would require regular 100% commitment and drive and you would need to attend weekly sessions and be flexible to take serious action each week. This is something that can be discussed with the Coach to see if this option is suitable for you and the objectives you have.

The recommended time line would be 9 or 12 months. 12 months if you have very large goals that requires longer time frames to work on. We can discuss this at your initial consultation.

Example of larger goals;

  • Increasing income through promotion, pay rise, or job change
  • Transition from Employment to Self-employment or a huge change in career where significant preparation is required
  • Starting and completing a sizeable project and making lifestyle changes

For smaller and medium sized goals, 6 months is usually ample and will require 2 coaching sessions per month and in between sessions you will have action points to complete.

The Result

Re-designing your life will change YOU; ultimately, you will be happier, more confident, have clarity, feel less stressed and much more in control.

Your Vision a Reality

Are you the client for me?

At Designer Life I pride myself on offering the finest intuitive inspiring and impacting Coaching, it is extremely important to me that my private clients achieve results, and refer other potential clients confidently, therefore I only take on a limited number of clients at a time so that I can offer a generous and exclusive service. The decision of working together is initially the clients, but also my decision too. I need to know that my client is willing and ready and ‘coachable’ this means someone who understands and works with the coaching concept and is flexible to have sessions personalized to reach meaningful and desired results using a blend of other developmental tools

I work with Soloprenuers, Leaders and Small Business owners:

  • who are now determined to change their life working on several areas or objectives
  • who are ready and committed; in time, financially and will take action
  • not afraid to take a risk, will embrace change to bring their vision to life,