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Create the life you want to live

Goal Settings with Clarity – The Toolkit

Be clear on:

  • Your Values
  • Your Life Goals
  • Your Big Dream
  • Your “Why”

Let me help you create your own Vision. My Redesign Toolkit will enable you to write your Vision and start designing your own Inspired Life. Download It Now*

“Let me help you see your future differently.”

About the author.

Neelam Challoner Designer Life Coach

Neelam is the founder and owner of Designer Life Coaching and has coached hundreds of people nationally and internationally since 2004.

With over 15 years experience in leadership, she has a flair for uncovering the best in people. Her clients range from professionals, high net worth individuals, and solo business owners, to unemployed single parents and women who have suffered domestic abuse.

If your life lacks magic, meaning and motivation, don’t waste another moment – read this ebook and start building the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

This is powerful, life-changing information; the sort Neelam usually only makes available to paying clients. Yet she is offering it to you for free! 

Re-designing your life is not just a one-stop wonder it is a journey where you and your dreams develop into a much-desired reality, into a lifestyle. By going through the stages we will work together to unlock your true potential and help you to totally Re-design your life; from your mind, to your habits to your reality.


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Neelam Challoner