Re-Design My Career

Re-Design My Career

A big reward for a small investment

Turn your mediocre job into an exciting, money earning, and life enriching experience

Do you…?

  1. Have a good job but little financial satisfaction
  2. Feel like there’s more to you, but need to tap into that potential
  3. Want to change your career to a more fulfilling or purposeful one
  4. Want to earn more money, but not sure how
  5. Have a desire to start a business some day
  6. Want to turn your current role or expertise into a business
  7. Want to find your purpose or what you were born to do

Designer Life offers  expert Career coaching for those who want to change job, get promoted  or start a new career entirely or are thinking of making a switch from a ‘job’ to starting a business.

Are you…

  1. At a cross road and not sure where to go
  2. Looking for a promotion or a step up from your current role
  3. De-motivated and can’t seem to have the verve for work anymore
  4. Bored with your job and it’s impacting the rest of your life
  5. Not earning enough and find it hard to save significantly for things you want
  6. Feel you have more potential
  7. Looking for more fulfilment in what you do and want to make a difference
  8. Feeling stressed and over worked
  9. Under threat of redundancy or being squeezed out
  10. Looking to turn your expertise into a viable Business

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any one or more of the above then ‘Re-design my Career’ will be the ideal way forward.  This bespoke service is just what you need to; wake up motivated each morning and enjoy each day with the expectation of stimulation, challenges, personal development, good relationships and financial rewards related to your expertise, product or service. Re-designing your career is an absolute must, if you know you don’t want to be part of the 80% in this nation, who wake up to a job they don’t enjoy, or doesn’t pay them enough to live the life they want.

A fulltime job can take up 40-50 hours per week or more, which is a significant time of your life. Leaving you limited time for personal pleasures or spending quality time with loved ones. Being in a job that is unfulfilling, stressful or simply not your ultimate dream can cause unhappiness, discord and can filter into other areas of your life, from communication issues with people close to you and at work, poor performance at work, social problems and even health problems?

I have experienced people who are so unhappy they compromise on their performance at work, call in sick frequently and just live for weekends and holidays. Some go home and work is still on their mind; at the dinner table, when they go to bed, playing with their children. Their job is consuming them and their life. On the other hand, I have had clients who enjoy their work, but not necessarily enjoy the company they work in.

Do you want to wake up each day motivated and loving your Job?

My clients have left the coaching experience with overflowing confidence, new jobs, more money and a new lease of life with a drive that only comes from within them and not from external forces or situations. I have seen some clients discover what they were born to do, with tears, laughter and euphoric freedom.

If you want to seriously transform your career, with more money and motivation and living a ‘higher purpose’ then get excited!

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Four Previous clients have had the following results

  1. One young graduate had a career change and is now in a rewarding and challenging role, in a fun team plus a 40% increase in salary
  2. An experienced professional, doubled her salary just from Re-designing her CV, we also worked on self confidence & helped her make a paradigm shift..
  3. A redundant mature man who had a passion for gardening turned this into a flourishing business in one of London’s most affluent areas.
  4. A young ambitious man, whose career goal was to get to Management level, is now an Assistant Manager within a well known organisation, with career goals 5 years into the future, there’s no stopping him now.

“No matter what, the cream rises to the top”

Re-design My Career from £540

This includes:

  • Free consultation (worth £60)
  • Minimum of 6 sessions
  • A summary after each session

Results you can expect

  • A new Career path
  • Confidence and fulfilment
  • Contentment & sense of purpose
  • Opportunity to earn more money
  • Wake up happier on a Monday morning