Re-Design Life

Re-Design Life

“Neelam you are a single answer to a million prayers”
Anna Shaun

Why you must have a Re-Design Coach

When settling is not enough, working with clients who aspire for more

“If you don’t design your life, you’ll get the one that shows up”

Have you ever wondered if you could create a better life for yourself and/family or change your life to something YOU really want to live and experience.

The answer is; ‘yes you can’

  • Are you a professional who still feels something is missing or just not waking up happy anymore?
  • Do you feel satisfied in some areas of your life and in others just feel frustrated?
  • Are you a stressed out with finances? Is there simply not enough?
  • Are you single and struggling?
  • Is your whole life a shamble and you just don’t want to admit it?
  • Are you working hard and not earning enough?

Through coaching you can direct and design your own life. A plastic surgeon can re-sculpt the face and body, so why not take up coaching to Re-design your living?
Coaching is not dictatorial, it releases your deeper inner potential and empowers you to move forward toward a better enhanced life.

Sports carIf you want to Re-design your life, you can, all you have to do is take specific and decisive action.

Take a moment, and ask yourself:

  • Am I where I want to be?
  • What do I want out of life?
  • How will I get there?
  • What do I need to do?

Being a Re-design Coach, I work with people who want to change their life and/or career and create a future where they are living a bespoke, designer life. Are you ambitious, successful, but not fully content or desperate and need a life over haul? Then Life Coaching could be the key.

Read more about the Re-Design Coaching Method

This is not just any coaching, this is
Designer Life Coaching

Common Areas or Life Zones

  • Health/Wellbeing
  • Career/Business
  • Financial
  • Personal Inner Balance/Growth
  • Family/Relationships
  • Social/Hobbies
  • Spiritual
  • Relationships

Re-Design My Life from £1000

This includes;

  • Free consultation
    (worth £60)
  • 12 face to face sessions
  • Free mini follow up session after 3/6 months
  • Normal value £1080, save £80 when purchased as a package

Results you can expect

  • A new designed life
  • Increase in confidence
  • Reduced stress much happier
  • Significant progress on personal goals
  • 360 degree shift in attitude/mind-sets
  • More congruent