New Business

“As for Neelam, my Coach, it’s apparent that, the saying ‘behind every successful individual, there is a successful coach’ is valid here.” Read more

Business Coaching for the Start up

“Start small, Think big, Phase in, Grow fast” – Anonymous

I help design the early stages of a business; helping entrepreneurs to adopt winning habits and implement ideas that get results. I empower clients to synchronise their business and home life, so they work in harmony, reducing stress, increasing productivity and balance.

  • Do you want to run a successful business but just don’t know how to get started?
  • Do you run a business alone and find you cannot cope with all that needs doing?
  • Do you spend less time marketing and more time doing ‘stuff’?
  • Do you find it hard to get more business or get a clear message out to your target audience?
  • Do you feel stressed more than satisfied and personal life is being compromised?

Business Coaching is perfect; if you are a small business owner or sole trader who wants to take your business to another level, or wants to get started on an idea.. I offer bespoke solutions to suit your budget and goals to reaching your business/life objectives.

Are you looking for new dynamic ideas on how to make your business work? Are you losing motivation and need a fresh perspective of things? Some of the most common occurrences about running a business on your own; having to do everything yourself, having sleepless nights, working long hours, and lack of focus and planning and no one to bounce ideas.

Having a Coach could be the answer to help unlock your business potential. I work with you as a coach with a consultative approach where needed. I will be using techniques to help you create a plan on moving forward and a strategy for hitting your business goals.

  1. Are you looking to start a business or have just started?
  2. Are you already running a reasonable operation but you know you could do it better?
  3. Do you need direction with implementing ideas?
  4. Would you like to grow your business by 30% or more?
  5. Do you have a great product/service but can’t seem to get the message to your target audience?
  6. Is your business taking over your personal life?
  7. Are you feeling stressed, worried or even have some fear?

Then Business Coaching could be the best decision you make to support you in bringing your business goals to life whilst working collaboratively with a qualified Coach & experienced Business Consultant who wants you to win. I offer a comprehensive and generous service and aim for excellence; therefore I only take on maximum 10 business clients at one time.

Business Coaching

  • Number of sessions depends on the clients objectives
  • Time frame to suit business and clients need ( can be bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Bespoke service (Brief diagnostic analysis on  business)
  • Key objectives broken down into smaller goals

Although the service is bespoke below are previous client’s requests;

  • Managing stress
  • Understanding and Pitching to your target audience
  • Marketing  your niche area
  • Setting clearly defined goals
  • Managing money and targets
  • Setting up a new business
  • How to get more sales/clients
  • Balancing life and business

Results you can expect

  • Clear Vision
  • Implementation
  • Less stress
  • Business growth
  • Renewed confidence and motivation

Business Game Plan Session £600

This includes:

  • 3 hours face to face
    • intense, inspiring and impacting private session
    • (Some may require 4 hours)
  • Refreshments
  • Any materials used

Results you can expect
– dependant on original objective

  • Clear action plan
  • SMART goals
  • A sense of achievement/progression
  • The feeling of waking up to a new life
  • Like a burden has been lifted
  • Clarity of Vision
  • Ideas and bigger thinking
  • Have a clear sense of purpose and direction

Business coaching sessions are £200