Below are testimonials and written notes from people I have coached and also clients I have worked with in either a coaching or a consulting capacity. This will give you an idea of not only my experience in coaching but as a person who aims to serve others in making positive changes. I hope you are inspired as I am from time to time when I read and remind my self why I am doing what I am doing. Some names have been withheld by the request of clients to protect their identity.

Coaching helped me to get to the stage where I am getting my work printed and also helped me manage when things didn’t turn out as expected. Neelam was positive and encouraging and was always able to steer the session in a positive direction. Thanks Neelam you have been a fantastic support

Liz Reid – Author; Liz’s first book was published in December 2010

I needed structure to my thoughts and everyday routine. Neelam helped me step back and look at problems or ideas from outside the day to day running of my business. This resulted in more business through some simple marketing strategies and having better balance between personal and business life. Very positive, enjoyable and friendly.

Sadie Shepherd – Feathers and Fur

Dear Neelam, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my Life Coach. You are an inspiration to women who need a makeover everywhere!

Anupma Shaun – Professional Support Worker

My main objective was to reset my vision for the long term and then to track a road map to achieve this whilst enabling me to cope with short term issues at work in the mean time. Coaching has helped me towards this by unlocking my thoughts and ideas and priorities by talking them through.

The experience was beneficial in terms of setting me on a path and making me feel better about myself and where I am heading.

James Reeve-Chartered Accountant

Life Coaching – what is it?
Why do we need it?
Why do we do it?
What is a life coach?

“All these above were my questions; I had heard the name/word but never thought I needed it. After a major light bulb moment in my life, I realised I could not fix it, without fixing myself.
After a family friend referred me to Neelam, I willing made the call, Priceless – from an initial consultation I realised I was on a journey of lacks in my life, especially the major one – A PURPOSE!

So having given the entire sessions to trying to find the meaning, solution and eventually a complete list of boxes to tick – I have now completed them ALL!

From selling a property/ completing a dysfunctional relationship to cutting ties with unworthy people, selling material items no longer required, to even moving to another land, but most of all to have a PURPOSE again, my family, to be a mother, to train in a new career. ALL less than one year.

So does Life Coaching work? It has to, if you take the sessions one by one, absorb, act on them and await results it has to happen – and it has.

P.S. The bonus is you make a lifelong friend with the Life Coach”

Suzy Novis

I was always side tracked and had little self discipline in keeping to my timed targets. I am about to embark on starting my own business and booked the 3 hours Head Start session as I wanted to get the bigger picture straight away. This helped me to look outside the box and have faith in myself and my ideas, I found it encouraging and inspiring. By the end of the session I had a drafted business plan, new ideas for the business, clear action points and objectives for the next 5 years! Oh and I am more motivated…I would definitely consider more sessions to help stay on track.

Daniela Lora Designs

Coaching has helped to provide me with a sense of clarity at a transition point in my life; I have learned a lot about myself and it has significantly changed/improved this area. The coaching experience has been excellent and I am delighted with the service and result.


I can only say that I was at a low point in life and I needed someone to give me the help and motivation that I craved. I wanted more clients which equals more hours and more money. My business needed plans to increase awareness in my community and I also needed help with my confidence about my own health and body. Coaching allowed me to explore all the possibilities and helped open doors which otherwise might’ve have been shut.

Neelam is a true professional and Life Coach; she is approachable and instantly breaks any apprehension with a smile. Neelam got to know me first then explored the possible business problems and then we set targets/goals for me to achieve success.

I was and still am happy with the results and I found the follow up texts and calls kept a good relationship and bond between us. Overall, a brilliant service.

Fitness Solutions Ltd – Colin O’Connor

The following is an email I received from my client in Egypt; his English although very good has been slightly adapted so the reader can understand his main point.

I can not find any words to thank you for every thing you helped me with.

I want to tell you that my life has started to be different and I change my self every day. I start to think about my future and to be positive I am acting and moving as if I am ‘someone’ and all what we speak about I am doing it .

I am beginning the new business with my brother because he is my brother and I trust him more than any one, also he is the only one who can take care of every thing while I am not home. We are looking for a business place now and I will tell you when we bought it.

I start not to give the other people too much care and time, It is ‘my’ time and I think I will need time to do that perfect , but at least I am a new person and your words really helped me and lead me to the right way.

Mohammed Lofty – A rising entrepreneur, EGPYT.

I found your approach very kind, caring, sensitive and non-judgemental. You have excellent interpersonal and professional skills. You provided me with good tools/tips which I was able to follow through although difficult at times for me. You gave me the ability to step back and think about how my behaviour was affecting others which was useful. I found the written information you gave useful.

Thanks again for your valuable input.


I was always late and really disorganised, never getting things done. Through two-weekly sessions we identified time lost, time stolen and prepared a realistic diary. We designed action plans for my personal goals, motivating me to move forward.

Coaching has helped me realise my full potential and helped me with my time management and organisational skills. I am now more productive, motivated, and confident about my future. This has had an impact on my health and fitness goal as I have now dropped two dress sizes and my career goal as I am earning more money than before and confident that I am on the right path for now.


My main objective was to get a better job. I got confidence and inspiration through coaching for getting new job it helped me to improve my CV and interview skills. It was a wonderful experience to be coached not only for career but life as well. After coaching I found I was more confident and motivated. I am now working in a new role and earning almost double what I was in my previous role.

N Patel

What you say and how you say it creates a lasting impression on all who hear you. Many thanks for your positive contribution.


It seems only a few weeks have passed since I came to you with some fairly sketchy plans to set up a gardening business in Kensington and Chelsea. Having been made redundant at 53 and been out of work for 8 months, I was severely lacking in confidence, but you believed in the business-and in my ability to get it going from the start.

You helped me with the initial planning and the marketing and made me set up proper accounting and record-keeping systems. You guided me through all the steps involved in setting up a new business and you made yourself constantly available to me-whether on the phone, at early morning meetings or out of hours. You were not only my coach but you were invaluable foil, exchanging ideas on how to drive the business forward.

Five short months later I have an established business with a loyal and growing customer base which includes two multi-millionaires, media stars and well known celebrities (names have been omitted for privacy). I have achieved my first years target income in five months and I am now looking to take on my first employees, a development originally planned for the middle of year 2!

The Chelsea Gardening Company

I want to thank you so much for all your sweet professional and very effective support during our time we worked together; as a Business Advisor you are always there, ready to listen, to suggest, as a human being you are gifted with the most kindness and understanding which are able to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to go forward. I feel privileged to be one of them. God Bless you forever.


My main goal was to train for the marathon which I ran and I feel I can accomplish anything. I would consider running it again. I wanted to manage my money better and have begun to save. I also needed clarity on my career path and the steps towards it. I just wanted to say thank you, because you’ve given me a push into something that is so right-I told you, you were an inspiration to others.

S Sanotra

I came to you as I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and in my career. I couldn’t hold a job down and I needed clarity and confidence about my talents and what I really want to do with my life. I am now working in a job that I have been in for over a year and am enjoying it. It’s been wonderful to have ongoing weekly support, sincere and always directing me to my goals.


Thank you so much. You are a true blessing, if only you new what you do for me, thanks again.


You have helped me enormously with your good advice and guidance. You have enabled me to focus and concentrate my mind on the important aspects I need to consider when setting up and marketing my business. Thank you.

Linda B

As soon as I met Neelam I felt I could open up to her, she always made me feel at ease.  I also found Neelam was a great listener but also knew the right time to intervene.  It’s an experience I was unsure about but on reflection one I am glad I chose, and would do again!

I was struggling to let go of the past especially issues around my wedding, which was having a big impact on my life.  In addition to this I had confidence and negativity issues.  I feel that coaching has helped me greatly in dealing with this.  Although I still have days whereby I do find myself thinking of the negative or my wedding I feel that I am in more control and am able to let it go as soon as it starts.