About Your Coach

About Your Coach

Hello, thank you for taking a few moments to read how, and why I became a Coach.

My journey into personal development ‘on purpose’ started when I was 15 years old.

I say on purpose because many people will not invest time into increasing knowledge or embarking on a journey of growth and personal development, this is something that you would have to pursue ‘on purpose’  My mind was frequently wondering how life could be better, about creating my own destiny or future. How could I be successful? How could I help others change their life too? I was given some books by an uncle to read, two of which were “Think and grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “The Winners Edge” by Dr Denis Waitley. Although at the time I didn’t realise, but they were moulding my thinking and consequently my calling.

I became increasingly interested in human potential,  life success and so in my career path I always aimed as high as I could, gaining promotions to Leadership/Management level, inspiring, motivating and coaching my team(s) and positively making a difference in the organisation(s)

It was about a decade later that I thought more deeply about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, what was my purpose and how I could contribute to others? I didn’t know about Coaching at the time and in 2003 I was actually introduced to it and the opportunity to go on a course to becoming a qualified Life Coach was presented to me. I have been totally committed to my learning and growth and have read 100’s of books, been on excellent courses to develop my skills. By Coaching I am living my dream of helping others change their life for the better, one person at a time. I have had my successes and experienced failures, but I have learned from them and have used that to catapult me to design and live a life that I am meant to live.

My client portfolio although mainly local professionals, HNWI’s and even the unemployed also reaches as far as Australia, Egypt and Spain. I have worked with individuals from different backgrounds and professions and pride myself on building my Coaching practice mainly on recommendations and referrals. I believe I offer excellent service to my private clients and where appropriate I go that extra mile. I often use my coaching techniques and tools in my own life and the positive results are evident.

I am so passionate about coaching, that often I give some coaching for free, to charities that could really benefit from my service. Additionally I am proud to say that I have won partnerships and contracts within the welfare to work sectors which have resulted in growing the business with several associates who also deliver work on my behalf.

Finally, if you are seeking a Coach to help you change your life or an area in your life, you’ve made the right decision. Perhaps you don’t know if you need a coach. If you are that person, ask yourself; “am I truly where I want to be in life?” “What needs changing or could be better in my life?” Coaching is a good starting point, it’s like a catalyst for your life goals, it is future orientated; it will get you from where you are currently, to your new desirable destination and I can assure you, along this journey, you will become a better you as your potential is released and as revelation of what you want and who you are surfaces.

I wish you all the very best in your decision and your new life and hope that I can be the Coach that helps release you to live a “designer life.”