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A nip, tuck, tweak, up-cycle, revamp and voila!
You have a Re-designed Life

Hello and welcome to Designer Life.

My name is Neelam, I offer a bespoke and life changing service for anyone who is feeling stressed or not experiencing absolute satisfaction in their life, self or in the direction they are going.

Whether it’s career, money, confidence, relationships, lack of fun/adventure, inner turmoil – I specialise in helping YOU re-design your life to create the lifestyle you aspire to.

You may be worried about finances, your future, you may want a change in career or you want to work for yourself; money and lack of it is one of the most stressful things and can stop us from making the changes we long for.
My coaching has empowered many of my clients to live a ‘designer life,’ rather than a mediocre and meaningless one and it can do the same for you. If you recognise you are having the same negative thoughts daily then take it as sign that something needs to change. Many of my clients leave with a renewed mind, that alone, make all the difference.

Like a catalyst, life coaching will help you move from A to B and beyond. It will help you move forward when you might feel you are stuck or cannot find a way; I will work closely with you to help YOU achieve YOUR goals quicker through practical solutions that lead you to a better lifestyle.

A taste of what you will gain;

  • Clarity on vocation, direction, financial status and self-identity
  • How to manage life, finances, relationships and how to enjoy life
  • Control in the direction your life is going as you have designed it, thus feeling less stressed
  • Confidence internally and externally and less stressed
  • A Happier and fulfilled life that works in synergy with what’s important to you
  • Be more Congruent, authentic and balanced

I work with clients all over the globe to help re-design their lives, so if you are looking for answers then you have come to the right place.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to book a your complimentary consultation.



Coaching at Stoke Park Club

I am excited to be the Life Coach at Stoke Park for members and non-members.
If you are interested in meeting me for a chat or for your complimentary consultation simply email me spcmember@designerlife.co.uk
I am available in San Marco for appointments or if you see a sign at reception “Life Coach here today” then pop by and say ‘hello’.
From time to time I host taster coaching workshops ( usually free or a nominal charge to members) please look out for signs for any upcoming ones or email me.
Contact me if you would like to know of any special offers.

Become a Private Client, begin this extraordinary journey.

Blue Letter Day-Essential Employee Experiences

Additionally we offer corporate coaching days at stoke park, a variety of personal development workshops and retreats.
for more information visit www.blueletterday.co.uk